Wellness Services

Drake Wellness offers a variety of free services. Email wellness@drake.edu to schedule an appointment.

Fitness Assessment - Students Only
Fitness assessments are valuable tools when evaluating your overall wellness. It is designed to evaluate your health and fitness, including your current fitness level and health risk for disease. Schedule your assessment by emailing wellness@drake.edu. A variety of health and fitness categories will be assessed including:
• Muscular Strength and Endurance
• Aerobic Capacity
• Height and Weight
• Waist to Hip Ratio and Girth Measurements
• Flexibility Assessment (sit and reach)

Body Composition -Students Only
Body composition analysis breaks down the percentage of body weight by estimating both adipose weight and lean weight. This information is useful in determining certain health risk factors. Testing will be performed using an Omron Body Fat Analyzer. You will leave knowing your Body Mass Index and Body Fat Percentage and the national standards for these measurements. To schedule an appointment, email wellness@drake.edu.

Wellness Library
Enhance your intellectual wellness through reading! Our Wellness Library is a great resource to check out books that explore a wide range of health subjects. Fitness DVDs are also available for personal at-home workouts. These materials are a great supplement to academic work, as well as personal development. Stop by the Wellness Office to check-out these great resources!

Massage Therapy
Treat yourself to a relaxing and therapeutic massage in our relaxation studio! We offer a special ‘Drake Wellness’ rate for our students, faculty and staff. Experience the many benefits of massage therapy, including the relief from anxiety, stress, muscle tension, and chronic pain. Our licensed massage therapist will schedule a time that works best for you.

Wellness Consultations -Students Only
Great for those who have self-determined goals, desire accountability, and are looking for meaningful feedback. A Wellness Coach will inspire you to maximize your wellness potential and achieve your personal goals in a collaborative alliance. Whether your fitness journey has just begun or you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, seeking out a Wellness Coach is an invaluable step towards personal progress. To schedule a consultation, email wellness@drake.edu.

Campus Dietician
Hi! My name is Lucas Flaherty and I am the Campus Dietitian with Sodexo at Drake University.  My passion for leading a healthy lifestyle has driven me to empower people of all ages to reach their healthiest potential through food and nutrition.  Since I have been on campus, I’ve had the opportunity to work with students as well as faculty and staff to encourage a healthy and holistic lifestyle.  I continue to work with students on campus that have dietary restrictions, helping them become more comfortable in this new environment. This role has given me the chance to expand what we have to offer for students in both the dining center and retail stores. 

My approach to eating healthy does not revolve around diets or calorie counting.  My job as a Registered Dietitian is to simplify the way we think about food, and how to utilize it in the most therapeutic ways.

My services include:

  • Allergy Management
  • One-On-One Dietary Consultation
  • Disease Management
  • Campus Presentations (resident hall presentation, lunch and learns, tabling in Hubbell, farmer’s market)
  • Meal Ideas/Recipe Guidance

Please feel free to reach out to me (Lucas.flaherty@sodexo.com) at any time with your nutrition questions and concerns! 

University News
July 24, 2017
Christina Trombley has been named executive director of the University’s online education programs effective August 14.