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Academic Chairs

The Academic Chair is the chief administrative officer of the department. The Chair is responsible for leading the department’s instructional program and administrative operations.  

At Drake, responsibilities of the Chair vary depending upon the school or college in which the department resides.

 Among the responsibilities that may fall to the chair are:  

  • Representing the department in discussions with the Dean and other departments. 
  • Coordinating the search for candidates being considered for appointment in the department. 
  • Ensuring that faculty are reviewed for reappointment and promotion in a timely manner. 
  • Overseeing the annual instructional budget. 
  • Making recommendations concerning the salaries of departmental faculty. 
  • Coordinating the department’s curricular program including the scheduling of classes. 
  • Overseeing relations between the department’s students and faculty. 

The Multiple Roles of the Department Chair

Academic Chairs 2023-24

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