Law & Business Minor

Law & Business Minor

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The purpose of this program is to provide Drake students, regardless of their majors, with an opportunity to learn basic legal concepts across a wide range of legal topics relevant to their personal and professional lives. As future members of a community, students will enter into a variety of contractual relationships, business and otherwise. They will deal with typical legal issues related to property, employment, business relationships, personal injury liability, and financial transactions like securing a consumer loan, purchasing and mortgaging a home, and investing in stocks and bonds. This minor is designed to inform students of their legal rights and responsibilities in these situations.

The minor in Law and Business is particularly valuable for students considering graduate study in law school, for business majors who wish to expand their knowledge of the legal principles that govern the conduct of business, and for Law, Politics and Society majors in the College of Arts and Sciences who wish to extend the legal aspects of their major.


The minor requires only 12 hours of coursework for students already pursuing a major in the College of Business and Public Administration and 18 hours of coursework for students outside of the College of Business and Public Administration.

For a comprehensive list of courses for the Minor in Law and Business offered by the College of Business and Public Administration, visit this page.


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Royce Fichtner
Ellis and Nelle Levitt Distinguished Professor of Business Law
College of Business & Public Administration

Business Law Minor Department Website