Journalism (with major) / Law Degree 3+3

Journalism (with major) / Law Degree 3+3

Get a jump on law school.

Get your bachelor’s and JD in six years with the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC)/Law 3+3 program—you’ll be in the workforce with a respected education behind you a full year before the competition.

Students in the 3+3 program complete virtually all requirements for an undergraduate major in advertising, digital media production, magazine media, news, public relations, or strategic political communication in the first three years. If admitted to the Drake University Law School, the student then counts Law School courses taken in the fourth year as the 21-credit area of concentration required of all SJMC majors. The fourth year also constitutes the student's first year in Drake Law School.

Students in this program shave a year off their education while obtaining a background in communications and a legal education that will prepare them for careers in both law and journalism, as well as corporate, nonprofit, governmental, or educational leadership.

Experiences for real life

The SJMC and Drake Law both specialize in applied scholarship and a hands-on education. SJMC students do work for off-campus business and nonprofit clients, and gain internships in the governor’s office, in the state legislature, with state and local government agencies, and with political parties and consultants. Similarly, Drake Law School offers clinics in areas of specialization such as family law, criminal law, constitutional law, legislative practice, agricultural law, and intellectual property that give students real-life legal experience.

Special opportunities

Drake is home to The Harkin Institute for Public Policy and Civic Engagement and Vote Smart, a nonpartisan political research organization. Every four years the Iowa Caucuses provide students the opportunity to work with national political candidates and parties and with national and international media. Students may participate in award-winning campus organizations, including a newspaper, five magazines, the Drake Broadcasting System, public relations and ad clubs, and mock trial.

Of course, you’ll benefit from the experiences that all Drake Bulldogs enjoy—mentorship from professors at the top of their field; résumé-worthy internships, research experiences, and other professional preparation; opportunities to learn while serving the community; and January Term experiences (at no additional cost) that immerse you into the fascinating topics—and locations—you choose.

Students may apply to the program during their first semester on campus through the dean of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. A student may withdraw from the SJMC/Law 3+3 program at any time and complete his/her undergraduate study for the bachelor's degree.

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Shari Tenney
Administrative Assistant, School of Journalism and Mass Communication