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Academic Suspension

Sometimes students at Drake find themselves on probation for a number of reasons, including personal challenges, family issues, financial difficulties, and more. Drake University uses Academic Suspension as a strategy to ensure students are making adequate progress toward an undergraduate degree. Academic suspension can offer students an opportunity to reassess their approach to academics and explore their purpose in seeking a degree. We understand that this situation can be difficult, and we hope to provide students with resources and support to come back stronger after taking some time away from coursework at Drake.

Can I Appeal an Academic Suspension?

Yes. Information about appeals is available in the Academic Regulations section of the General Catalog. Appeals are most likely to be granted when students present a thoughtful and compelling account of why there should be an exception to the established policy.

Complete the Appeal Form to submit your appeal.

For questions regarding the appeal process, contact The Office of the Registrar for assistance.

What Happens with My Financial Aid?

At Drake University, Satisfactory Academic Progress standards apply to students who are receiving or applying for financial aid from any of the federal, state, or institutional grant, scholarship, work or loan programs.

Students are encouraged to contact Financial Aid Office to discuss their individual account. They can help answer questions regarding:  

  • Scholarship & aid eligibility following academic suspension
  • Transferring financial aid to another institution
  • Financial aid appeals

What Should I Do During My Suspension?

Students can decide how to spend their time while on suspension.  Students may want to consider the options below to maximize their time away from Drake.

Take Time Off from College

Students may find it useful to disengage from coursework during this time to focus on the issues they encountered. Staff at Drake may be able to help students locate resources that can support their overall well-being, including counseling services. As issues are resolved, the time can be used to heal or recover so that you can return to Drake ready to focus on your academics.

Work or Volunteer

Working during your suspension can help you save money and plan for the expenses of future semesters. Working during this time can be especially helpful if you can budget for your future, potentially lessening the need to work during the semesters you are reenrolled.

If money is not a concern, students may find that this is a great time to immerse themselves in service. It can be rewarding to invest in your community and/or a cause that you support.

Working and volunteering can also help you gain experience that will be useful in the future.

Take Courses at Another Institution

How Do I Re-Enroll When My Suspension Has Ended?

Begin by reading the Re-Enrollment Request Form carefully. This form needs to be printed, completed, and submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Deadlines for re-enrollment are indicated below, by term.

Desired Re-Enrollment Term



March 1


July 1


November 1


December 1

More information is available on the Request for Re-Enrollment website.

We recommend students contact Financial Aid Office regarding their intent to re-enroll to review their student aid eligibility. Students should complete the FAFSA before March 1 (Drake’s priority deadline).

We also encourage all students who are returning to Drake to schedule an Academic Coaching appointment with staff from Access and Success at the start of each semester. Academic Coaching can help you plan for a successful return to classes. 

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