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Major Requirements

All SJMC majors must complete the Requirements for SJMC Majors. In addition, advertising majors must complete the courses outlined below. Note: Students enrolled before Fall 2014 must complete the Requirements for Students Enrolled before Fall 2014.

Required Advertising Courses

  • JMC 57 Video Production – Introduction to radio and television production.
  • JMC 76 Advertising Principles – Advertising as a marketing communications tool and socio-economic force. Introduction to relevant behavior theories and techniques of promotional communications as practiced by advertisers and agencies. Prereq: 15 credits
  • JMC 113 Concepts in Consumer Awareness – Combines the introductory concepts of research, planning and media for advertising under the umbrella of consumer behavior. Prereq: JMC 54, 76
  • JMC 124 Copywriting and Content Design – Introductory copywriting and layout course, exploring techniques for print, broadcast and Internet media. Audience differentiation, media and creative strategy all are considered. Emphasis is on concept development, persuasive writing, visualization & execution culminating in a portfolio presentation. Prereq.: JMC 54, 76 Co-req: 57 or 59
  • JMC 145 Advertising Campaign Strategy – Analysis of marketing problems, research, expenditures, Planning and executing a complete campaign. Emphasis on development of advertising plans and strategies, media selection and creative execution. Prereq: Two of 117, 139 or 141

Select two of the following:

  • JMC 117 Strategic Media Planning – Advanced topics of media planning. Preq: 40, 57, 59, 113 & Marketing 101
  • JMC 139 Advertising Account Planning – Covers comprehensive advanced topics of research, planning and consumer analysis. Prereq: 40, 57, 59, 113, 124 & Marketing 101
  • JMC 141 Strategic Message Design – Advanced writing and producing advertising and strategic messages for all media that are part of the integrated communication mix. The course focuses on cohesive strategies for actual clients. A professional portfolio is presented at the end of the semester. Prereq: 40, 57, 59, 113, 124 & Marketing 101

See the Forms page for downloadable checksheets.

Required Courses and Credit Hours Outside Major

All advertising majors must include in their programs Marketing 101, Economics 2 and Psychology 1.