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Academic Resources


For students enrolled since Fall 2023:


Digital Media Production

Magazine Brand Media

Multimedia Journalism

Public Relations

Strategic Political Communication


For students enrolled since Fall 2022:

2022 Advertising Checksheet

Advertising minor 2023

2022 Digital Media Production Checksheet

2022 Magazine Brand Media Checksheet

Magazine and Brand Media minor

2022 MMJ Checksheet

2022 Public Relations Checksheet

2022 Strategic Political Communication Checksheet

2022 Magazine Brand Media Minor Checksheet


For students enrolled since Fall 2020:

2020 Advertising checksheet 

2020 Digital Media Production Checksheet

2020 Magazine Media Checksheet

2020 Multimedia Journalism Checksheet

2020 PR Checksheet

2020 SPC Checksheet

2018 Advertising minor

Magazine Media Minor Checklist


For students enrolled Fall 2015-2019:

2015-17 Advertising major check sheet

2018-19 Advertising checksheet

2014-17 Advertising minor

2015-19 Digital Media Production checksheet

2015-19 Magazine Media checksheet

2015-19 News checksheet

2015-19 PR checksheet

2015-19 Strategic Political Communication checksheet


Tools for Success

A&S Credits

Four-Year Plan of Study

Mental Health Resources

Plan of Study Worksheet

Weekly Study Plan