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The ISHS concentration consists of an introductory course, four elective courses, and a culminating, individualized learning experience that integrates scientific and humanistic inquiry. Among the topics to be explored in ISHS courses are:

  • The history, philosophy, and sociology of science and mathematics
  • Literary, journalistic, historiographical, media, and artistic representations of and responses to developments in the sciences and mathematics
  • The comparative study of science, mathematics, and humanities methods
  • The influence of technological innovation on the pursuit of scientific, mathematical, and humanities inquiry
  • The role of narrative in framing developments in the sciences, mathematics, and humanities
  • Scientific and humanities perspectives on language, identity formation, gender/sex/sexuality, discourse, and subjectivity
  • Hybrid humanities-scientific-mathematical approaches to framing and addressing social issues (such as public health, technological innovation, gender and sex identity, new media literacy, education, race, and social justice)
  • The ethics of scientific research and technological development
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