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ISHS Requirements

The ISHS concentration consists of an introductory course, four elective courses, and a culminating, individualized learning experience that integrates scientific and humanistic inquiry.

Requirement Title Credits
ISHS 100

Interdisciplinary Study of the Humanities and Science


12 Elective Credits ((at least 6 at the upper division). Elective courses currently include:


ART 70/CHEM 70: Art and Chemistry


CS 083: Computer Ethics


ENG 93: Reading and Writing Nature


ENG 123: Climate Fiction


ENG 130: Transatlantic Landscapes


ENG 174/ENG 128/HONR 184: Theories of Language and Discourse


MATH 017: Spirit of Mathematics


PHIL 148/REL 148/HONR 148: Religion and Science


PHIL 173/PHY 189/HONR 173: Physics and Philosophy


PHIL 129/HONR 129: Philosophy of Science


PHIL 130/HONR 128: Minds, Brains, and Computers


PHIL 140/HONR 171: Neuroscience and the Law


PSY 137/WGS 160: Psychology of Gender


SCSS 125/HONR 165: Science and Society


SCSS 150/HONR 117: New Materialist Feminisms


SCSS 164/HONR 157: Feminism, Nature, Matter


SCSS 178/HONR 160: Gender, Technology and Embodiment


STEM 174/274: Science Methods and the Nature of Science

ISHS 199

ISHS capstone






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