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Academic Advising and Mentorship

Philosophy And Guidelines

The goal of academic advising and mentorship in the College of Arts and Sciences is to provide an ongoing and dynamic relationship between each student and advisor/mentor in order to facilitate the students' adjustment to and development within the academic environment.

Each student is assigned a faculty adviser/mentor related to the student's areas of interest. Students and advisers work together to develop a program that challenges the student to build upon strengths and overcome deficiencies while meeting educational and professional goals.

Faculty members recognize first-year and sophomore students rapidly develop new interests at the start of their college careers, and that changes of intent are common. Students should consult their advisers/mentors frequently as they shape their educational goals.

Transfer students are particularly encouraged to review the evaluation of credit transferred to Drake University and to seek an explanation of how that work is distributed among the requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences. Transfer students are assigned faculty advisers/mentors who work closely in planning the completion of degree programs.

Students enrolled on a part-time basis as degree candidates, either as first-year students or transfers, also are assigned faculty advisers/mentors. Part-time students are especially urged to see their academic advisers/mentors to make long-range plans for their academic programs.

Adviser and Mentor assignments are usually made by the Office of the Dean. Students may request a specific faculty member or may request a change.

All inquiries regarding evaluation of credit, distribution of credit hours, adviser/mentor assignments and changes should be initially directed to the Office of the Dean.

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