Phi Beta Kappa

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At the initiation ceremony, new members learn about Phi Beta Kappa history and symbols, sign the Drake roll book, and receive an embossed membership certificate. Fellow Society members include 17 U.S. Presidents, 41 Supreme Court Justices, and more than 140 Nobel Laureates.

Raleigh Tavern

Raleigh Tavern, c. 1917, Phi Beta Kappa's 1776 birthplace.
Public domain image.

2020 Inductees

Samantha Bayne, Politics / Law, Politics and Society

Sara Feldman, History / Law, Politics and Society

Ellie Jacoby, Health Sciences Clinical and Applied

Tess Julien, Computer Science / Digital Media Production

Mohamad Malaz Mehdi Kreiker, Biochemistry Cell and Molecular Biology / Neuroscience

Deanna Elizabeth Krikorian, English / Rhetoric, Media and Social Change

Madelyn Marie Lemons, Biology / Writing

Kamryn Ryan, International Relations

Lauren Marie Schleich, History

Robert James Schroeder, Chemistry

Colton Sleister, Chemistry / Biochemistry Cell and Molecular Biology

Kalle Solberg, Psychology / Spanish

Yijun Zhou, Psychology





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