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Our North Star: Business as a Force for Good

We are at a critical inflection point for business. The higher purpose of free enterprise – that is, how it adds value to society – is more important than ever. There is clear recognition among corporate leaders that profits and purpose are now inextricably linked. The implication for our college is that we must be ready to prepare students for a more complex and challenging world.

Future business leaders need to not only have domain expertise, but also the skills and experience to interpret and respond to the heightened expectations that people and communities have for the private sector to take a leadership role in solving society’s most pressing issues. This emerging dynamic also has significant repercussions for those who will be leading public and non-profit organizations.

The College of Business and Public Administration in deploying a strategy that will keep it relevant in this contemporary context. The North Star of this approach is the belief that:

A CBPA education is a force for good, contributing to the global economy and to society.

Our Promise

Our graduates will have the skills and experiences to thrive in a complex, diverse, and evolving world. They will be:

  • Proficient in their fields
  • Data-driven, strategic problem solvers
  • Effective communicators
  • Ethical stewards
  • Global and multicultural citizens