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Zimpleman College of Business Programs

Mission Statement & Our Promise

A Zimpleman College of Business education is a force for good, contributing to the global economy and to society.

Our graduates will be equipped with the technical skills, business acumen, empathy, and experience necessary to innovate and lead in a globally complex, diverse, and dynamic world. They will be:

  • Proficient in their fields
  • Data-driven, strategic, and innovative problem solvers
  • Effective communicators
  • Socially and ethically responsible leaders
  • Global and multicultural citizens

Undergraduate Programs

In addition to taking Zimpleman College of Business courses taught by experienced faculty, you’ll be learning outside the classroom. You will network with business leaders from across the country and work with actual clients on real-world problems. All these experiences focus on the key learning outcomes that will shape your future.

We also offer a Business and Law 3+3 program. This program allows you to earn an undergraduate business degree from the Zimpleman College of Business and a law degree from the Drake Law School in just six years. In addition, all undergraduate Drake students, no matter the major, can declare a business law major or minor, separate from (or in addition to) the 3+3 program.

Graduate Programs

Master of Accounting (M.Acc)

Drake University’s Master of Accounting program will provide technical content on a diverse range of accounting topics to accelerate your career, prepare for the uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, and provide a distinct advantage as you enter or advance in the rapidly changing accounting profession. The program also offers some courses in specialized disciplines such as governmental accounting, fraud investigation, internal audit, IT audit, and cybersecurity.

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Prepare to stand out as a leader in your organization. As a graduate of Drake University’s online M.B.A., you’ll become an effective communicator who’s an ethical steward of your organization and community as well as a global citizen. You’ll graduate with a balance of strategic decision-making, ethical leadership, and analytical reasoning skills and be recognized as a data-driven problem solver who can apply advanced business principles that can be brought into any workplace now.

Master of Science in Business Analytics (M.S.B.A.)

Designed for leaders who need to incorporate business analytics and big data into their roles, the online M.S. in Business Analytics at Drake University teaches you how to work with big data to create powerful business strategies that deliver positive results. You’ll learn how to use the software to work with big data, ask the right kind of questions, interpret the results, form strategies and communicate all aspects of the challenge and solution to stakeholders in a way that creates collaboration and buy-in.

Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)

Succeed in the evolving landscape of public administration as you gain advanced knowledge in human resources, public policy, ethics, and decision making, empowering students to make an immediate impact on the communities in which they serve. With Drake University's online M.P.A., you’ll gain the skills to strategically solve problems, analyze policies, and meet public service needs at the local, state, and federal levels, as well as in the private and nonprofit sectors.

Graduate Certificates

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