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Executives in Residence

The Executives in Residence program allows undergraduate and graduate students to connect with a diverse group of executive mentors and leaders in both professional and casual settings on campus.

The Executives in Residence program further provides opportunities for students to build relationships with business leaders through one-on-one meetings and leverage business leaders’ experiences to support classroom learning. Examples of engagement include counseling sessions to advise students on their prospective career choices, guest lecture opportunities, and small group meetings with student organizations.

2023-24 Executives in Residence

Becki Drahota

  • Financial marketing, Strategic Marketing, and Leadership

Tory Flynn

  • ESG/Sustainability, Corporate Communicatins, and Government Affairs

Mark Helvick

  • Healthcare, Insurance, and Strategic Planning
  • Drake Alum

Becky Massman

  • Accounting, Manufacturing, and Entrepreneurship
  • Drake Alum

Jennifer McCoy

  • ESG, Environmental, and Community Relations
  • Drake Alum

Karen Ovseyevitz

  • Public Relations, Marketing, and Communications

Daniel Peterson

  • Sales and Marketing, Data Analytics, and Health Care
  • Drake Alum

Julie Willse

  • Finance, Organizational Strategy, and Leadership/Management
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