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Resources for Students

There are numerous online resources available for students interested in global citizenship and international opportunities.

Global Citizenship

International Affairs

Resources on International Affairs Topics


International Media Sources

Study Abroad

Studying  abroad is an important part of life at Drake  University. Our  institution’s  mission is  to  provide  an exceptional learning environment that prepares students for meaningful personal lives, professional accomplishments, and responsible global citizenship.  One of the ways we achieve that is by expanding the boundaries of your classroom.

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Work Abroad

Working Worldwide

If you're looking to live and work internationally following graduation, look no further than Working Worldwide! With placements in either China or Kosovo, you can gain the valuable professional and personal skills to succeed in today’s interconnected world.


MyWorldAbroad: International Career Guide

This is a massive collection of information on international careers, internships, graduate programs, study abroad, etc. Drake subscribes to this service on an annual basis, which makes it possible for our faculty, staff and students to access the site without additional charge. To access this resource, you must register at


Other International Careers Resources

Teach Abroad

Working Worldwide: China

Drake University's Working Worldwide: China Program offers recent graduates from any academic background the opportunity to live and work in China teaching English for a year. Since 2004, Working Worldwide: China has placed over 220 graduates in teaching positions. 


Other International Teaching Opportunities


Volunteer Abroad


Intern Abroad

U.S. Internships

Scholarships & Fellowships

There are several scholarships that can assist with paying for graduate studies, teaching, and/or research abroad. These are typically awarded to academically distinguished individuals who are U.S. citizens. The Office of Global Engagement can provide support and help you learn more about opportunities such as:

  • Fulbright U.S. Student Scholarship
  • Rhodes Scholarship
  • Marshall Scholarship
  • Mitchell Scholarship
  • Truman Scholarship
  • JET Program
  • Boren Fellowship


Other Scholarships & Fellowships

Graduate Programs

Specialized Educational Opportunities

Drake Alumni Spotlight

Drake Students Receiving Fulbright Scholarships

2018-2019 Meghan Walters Bulgaria Teaching English
2017-2018 Kelly Leatherman Malaysia Teaching English
2017-2018 Nathan Jacobson Bulgaria Teaching English 
2017-2018 Elena Dietz Indonesia Teaching English 
2016-2017 Emily Enquist Bulgaria Teaching English 
2016-2017 Taylor Donaldson Morocco Teaching English 
2015-2016 McKenzie Leier Malaysia Teaching English 
2015-2016 Alessa Strelecki South Korea Teaching English 
2015-2016 Brianna Shawhan Bulgaria Teaching English 
2014-2015 Erin Hassanzedah South Korea Teaching English 
2014-2015 Nicole O'Connor Malaysia Teaching English  
2014-2015 Steven Schaaf Jordan Research on women in judiciary
2013-2014 Amelia Piecuch  Chile Research on new fishing law
2013-2014 Amanda Laurent  South Korea Teaching English
2013-2014 Kathryn Bell  Columbia Teaching English 
2012-2013 Kate Albrecht  Poland  Teaching English
2012-2013 Lindsay Wharton Finland Research on education and labor relations
2012-2013 Anna DeVries Indonesia Teaching English
2011-2012 Pamela Pearson Rwanda Research
2011-2012 Rachel Shulruf Brazil Teaching English
2011-2012 Ellen Bastian Russia Research
2010-2011  Marina Yakhnis  Ukraine Research
2009-2010 Karli Jo Storm Azerbaijian Teaching English
2009-2010 Alexa Horwart  Indonesia Teaching English
2009-2010 Amy Benes South Korea Teaching English
2008-2009 Linda Yang Hong Kong Teaching English
2008-2009 Kathryn Seckman Morocco Research
2007-2008 Lauren Smith South Korea Teaching English 
2006-2007 Brittany Buchholtz Jordan Women's issues
2006-2007 Jessica Ernst Thailand Teaching English 
2006-2007 Linda Knoll Mexico Business initiative
2005-2006 Lauren Derebey South Korea Teaching English  
2004-2005 Shalene Breci South Korea Teaching English  
2004-2005 Mira Yusef Philippines Women's issues


Drake Alumni Serving in the Peace Corps

  • Harrison Yu (2018) 
  • Anna Chott (2015)
  • Taylor Harris ((2013)
  • Cara Pratt (2012)
  • Lukas Olynyk (2012)
  • Nora Kreml (2012)
  • Alexandra Huber (2012)
  • Taylor Wilmoth (2011)
  • Matthew Hirschinger (2010)
  • Owen McMullen (2009)
  • Sharon Wegner (2006)
  • Kelly Daly (2006)
  • Karen Slegesky (2005)
  • Jill Morehead (2000)
  • Kara (Martinez) Johnson (1998)
  • Crist Chensvold (1997)
  • Matthew White (1990)
  • Johnny Carson (1965)