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Community Partnerships

Drake University partners with local organizations to enhance capacity, enrich student learning, and leverage resources reflective of Drake's commitment to strengthen the local community.

"Together we transform lives and strengthen communities." 

Drake University Inspiration Statement

The Continuous Improvement Plan calls upon faculty, staff, and students to strengthen our strategic engagement with community partners, which may be public, community-based, private, or academic organizations at the neighborhood, city, regional, or state levels. Registering as a partner helps Drake recognize and steward community relationships, promoting collaboration across campus.


Drake offers the following pathways to partnership with nonprofit and community-based organizations: 

Benefits to the Partner
Benefits to the Campus
Auxiliary Partners

Active participation with student organizations or a campus unit/department

Conference & Events space at a 25% discount

Unlimited volunteer postings

Student, faculty, and staff volunteer opportunities
Engaged Partners

everything listed above

Ongoing shared commitment(s) or internships/placements with an academic course or student organization

everything listed above

Conference & Events space at a 50% discount 

Added capacity from interns and/or federal work study


everything listed above

Internship/practicum placements 

CEL course collaborations 

Student leadership opportunities 

Faculty research opportunities

Strategic Partners

everything listed above

Ongoing shared commitments across multiple campus units addressing community-identified needs and partnering for systemic/structural change.

everything listed above

Conference & Events space at a 75% discount 

Cross-promotional and collaborative marketing and fundraising opportunities

everything listed above

Faculty and staff leadership opportunities 

Capacity to meet community-identified needs aligned with campus-identified strategic priorities

See our Ways to Partner page for more information about specific project ideas.

Community News