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Constitutional Law Center Resources

The Constitutional Law Center at Drake provides resources on the U.S. Constitution and areas of constitutional law.

Recent Publications

Mark Kende, Unmasking of Balancing and Proportionality Review in U.S. Constitutional Law, 25 Cardoza J. of International and Comparative Law 417 (2017).

Mark Kende, Corruption Cases and Separation of Powers in the South African Courts and U.S., 60 New York Law School Law Review 183 (2015-2016) (Symposium on the 20th Anniversary of the South African Constitution).

Mark Kende, Comparative Constitutional Law: South African Cases and Materials in a Global Context (Carolina Academic Press, 2015).

Mark Kende, Justice Thomas’s Korematsu Problem, 30 Harvard Journal of Racial and Ethic Justice 201 (2014).

Mark Kende, Enforcing the South African Constitution: The Fight for Judicial Independence and Separation of Powers, 23 Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems 235 (2014).

Mark Kende, Is Bakke Becoming a Super-Precedent and Does it Matter? The U.S. Supreme Court’s Updated Constitutional Approach to University Affirmative Action in Fisher, 16 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 15 (2013) (HEIGHTENED SCRUTINY online supplement).

Mark Kende, Teaching Comparative Perspectives in the Domestic Constitutional Law Class: A Step by Step Primer, 61 Journal of Legal Education 310 (2011).

Mark Kende, The U.S. Supreme Court as Fact Finder?, Constitutional Law JOTWELL (Oct. 24, 2012) (with Matthew Shimnaovsky).

Mark Kende, Constitutional Rights in Two Worlds: South Africa and the United States (Cambridge University Press, 2009).


General Resources

Constitution of the United States of America
Supreme Court of the United States
History of the Supreme Court

Blogs – Constitutional Law

Balkinization – Focuses on constitutional, First Amendment, and civil liberties issues
Constitutional Law Prof Blog – Covers congressional authority, federalism, and legislative action at the state and federal levels related to interpretation of the U.S. Constitution
I-CONnect – Blog of the International Journal of Constitutional Law
SCOTUSblog – Discusses recent developments in U.S. Supreme Court jurisprudence

Blogs – Foreign Courts

Verfassungsblog – Germany 
Law and Other Things – India
Constitutionally Speaking – South Africa
UKSC Blog – United Kingdom

U.S. Government Websites

White House
United States Congress
United States Senate
United States House of Representatives
Library of Congress
Federal Judicial Center
National Archives
FedWorld Information Network
Speaker of the House

Additional Constitutional Law Websites

The Avalon Project – Documents in law, history, and diplomacy
The Constitution Society – Dedicated to research and public education on the principles of constitutional republican government
Oyez at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
U.S. Constitution: The Failed Amendments
The Founder's Constitution
Institute for Constitutional History

Constitutional Law Search Engines

Findlaw: U.S. Constitution
University of Michigan Clark Library – Congressionally designated depository for U.S. government documents
Constitution Finder – Links to constitutions of other countries
The Constitute Project

Constitutional Law Journals

Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly
The Supreme Court Review
University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law
William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal

Newspaper Resources

The Washington Post's Courts and the Law

Centers for the Study of the Constitution

California Constitution Center at Berkeley Law
Cardozo Law Center for Constitutional Democracy
Georgetown Center for the Constitution
Indiana University Center for Constitutional Democracy
Institute for Constitutional History
National Constitution Center
New York University Brennan Center for Justice
Stanford Constitutional Law Center
First Amendment Clinic University of Virginia School of Law
University of Illinois Program in Constitutional Theory, History and Law
University of San Diego Center for the Study of Constitutional Originalism
Vanderbilt University First Amendment Center
Willamette University Center for Constitutional Government

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