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Lisa Ploehn

Lisa Ploehn is the current owner of Main at Locust Pharmacy Clinic and Medical Supplies, as well as Main Healthcare Extended Care Pharmacy, Freedom Pharmacy, and Main Compounding Pharmacy.  Following graduation from the University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy with her PharmD, Lisa moved to Iowa to take over the family business. She created a new mission statement that focused on providing quality care to the customers and their families. Lisa has emphasized the importance of putting people first, always maintaining the values established by the business.

Lisa has stated that among the challenges of owning a pharmacy is the need to adapt to change. Main at Locust has  upheld their vision by offering diversified services, including medication therapy management and nursing home services.

Owning a business has given Lisa great flexibility, allowing her to spend time with her family and pursue her other interests in traveling and volunteering. She volunteers regularly with a reading mastery program and maintains membership in several pharmacy organizations. Lisa has also expanded her interests and recently graduated from culinary school. Pharmacy ownership and the establishment of a trustworthy staff have allowed Lisa to maintain balance between work, family, and these outside interests.

Lisa includes her role as a mother among her greatest achievements, as well as owning a pharmacy that has made a substantial impact in her community. The loyalty of the Main at Locust customers has given her great pride and satisfaction in the continuation of the family business. Lisa offers the following advice to anyone interested in ownership: Be committed. Develop a plan with specific, reachable goals. Don’t be afraid of change, and constantly evaluate and learn from your mistakes.

Question for the Advisory Board: Why do you think innovation is critical for the pharmacy profession? 

"Innovation is critical in the pharmacy profession because our primary goal should be to continue to offer the best health solutions to our patients.  If we continued to stay the same, we would not be helping our patients.  Innovation leads to progress and we should always want to be moving forward as a profession."