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Erik Maki

Dr. Erik Maki is Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences in the area of Internal Medicine at Drake University's College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  His practice site is located within the Hospitalist Group at Mercy Medical Center in downtown Des Moines.  One of his interests is developing new models of the pharmacy practice with a focus in transitions of care.  Dr. Maki believes that a pharmacist value is most evident when we are tangible to both patients and members of the healthcare team. 

Dr. Maki said, "Finding and enhancing roles that establish the value of pharmacists will be key to success in an evolving healthcare landscape." This is why he believes in DELTA Rx as an important source of inspiration for pharmacists moving forward. Dr. Maki believes healthcare is in constant evolution and pharmacy is not exempt from the rapid pace of change.  Financial pressures, evolving payment models, new technology, and the evolution of the roles of pharmacists and technicians create uncertainty about what pharmacy practice will look like in the years to come.  Pharmacists must find ways to create positive touches with patients and providers as well as demonstrate roles that add value to the healthcare system.  

Question for the Team Members: What Is Your Favorite DELTA Rx Event? 

"My favorite DELTA Rx is the summer internships. These offer tremendous opportunities for students to partner with pharmacies who want to grow and enhance their practice.  This allows the pharmacy and the student to have dedicated efforts in the development of something new, whereas in most summer internships other priorities can supersede these types of opportunities."