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Pramod Mahajan

Dr. Pramod Mahajan is Associate Professor of Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department at Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  He came to Drake with an extensive background in research and teaching related to biochemical and molecular pharmacology, genetics and biotechnology.  Dr. Mahajan's current and future research interests focus on understanding the molecular mechanisms of DNA damage and repair.  He has published many peer-reviewed articles and authored several issued U.S. patents related to this subject.  In fact, innovation is the hallmark of his research.  Dr. Mahajan professes that in today's technology rich and global environment, innovation is critical for the success of any research project, academic or otherwise.  His extensive experience in the biotechnology industry enables Dr. Mahajan to provide an entrepreneurial perspective for his students at Drake University.  For this reason, his active involvement with DELTA Rx and SIFE (Drake Students in Free Enterprise) is expected to be mutually beneficial.

Dr. Mahajan's teaching philosophy recognizes that teaching and learning are very complex processes.  Using a bio-chemical metaphor, Dr. Mahajan describes that both are active processes, requiring a certain level of concentration, energy, and time.  Additionally, he believes that teaching at the university level requires generating enthusiasm for learning and a thirst for acquiring knowledge within students.  He tries to achieve this by passionately imparting knowledge with dedication and patience, and acting as a mentor, coach, and guide for his students. Dr. Mahajan believes it is important to expand horizons of our knowledge because innovation drives business growth, as well as solves societal problems.  Specifically, for the area of interest to our College and its stakeholders, innovation improves health care outcomes and reduces health care costs.

Question for the Team Members: What Is Your Favorite DELTA Rx Event? 

"The Next Top Entrepreneurship competition is my favorite event.  It challenges students to think about problems/shortcomings in the processes they are experiencing and encourages them to seek innovative solutions."