Digital Media Production

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In today's ever-changing multimedia landscape, it's not enough to develop technical skills. You need an understanding of how media platforms work together. With a Drake Digital Media Production major, you'll be ready for whatever comes next.

You’ll develop the skills to use a multimedia palette of video, audio, still photography and text across a variety of platforms, including broadcast video and audio, web, tablets and smart phones within your digital media courses. 

Depending on your interests and aspirations, you might choose a double major or dual degree in political science, theater, history, or psychology.

During your senior year as a digital media major, you'll collaborate with students in Multimedia Journalism and Magazine Media to create a multidisciplinary capstone project—an award-winning website that showcases rich multimedia content.

What can you do with a digital media degreeYou can be a multimedia storyteller, a skilled digital media producer for television, radio, websites, sports networks, commercials, documentary, films, or corporate communication. The possibilities are endless. 

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Digital Media Production Faculty

Assistant Professor Lakshmi Tirumala's research interests include media accessibility. He has extensive professional experience in video production and he is also interested in filmmaking, especially fiction.

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