Digital Media Production

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Major Requirements

All SJMC majors must complete the Requirements for SJMC Majors. In addition, Digital Media Production majors must complete the courses outlined below.

Required Digital Media Production Courses

  • JMC 057 Intro to Video Production – Introduction to planning and producing video segments and programs, for television and digital distribution. This course will provide students the technical background to integrate production elements into other SJMC classes and serve as a prerequisite for the more advanced digital media production courses. Prereq: JMC 031
  • JMC 059 Visual Communication Methods - This course helps students master the fundamental principles of good design, color, balance and contrast using different media to convey a message. Photography, print, and web will be explored. Instruction on using digital cameras, PhotoShop, InDesign and other softwares will illustrate the elements of design and communication for each medium. Prereq: JMC 031
  • JMC 067 Digital Audio Writing and Producing – Planning, writing and producing radio programs and program elements. Digital audio production for alternative delivery methods. Producing and hosting a weekly program on KDRA-LP. Pre-req: JMC 054.
  • JMC 075 Digital Photography – This is a hands-on class focusing on the technical and aesthetic properties of digital photography, with an emphasis on how these qualities inform through image content. Topics include lenses and optics, light and sensors, depth of field and perspective, image processing and editing, and the history and ethics of photography. Pre-req: JMC 059 
  • JMC 100 Electronic Field Production - This single-camera field production course allows students to enhance their skills in videography, post-production editing and audio recording while capturing content on location. Content will be created for a variety of purposes – such as news/sports, strategic content and music video – and for a variety of digital platforms, with a focus on telling compelling visual stories. Prereq: JMC 054, JMC 057
  • JMC 105 Web Content and Development – Introduces students to the basics of designing pages for the web. Students will learn to write HTML and CSS. They will create a website using a content management system (WordPress). Topics explored include search engine optimization, social media, web analytics, and current trends in digital media.
  • Select one of the following: JMC 114 Advanced Video Production or JMC 116 Documentary Production. Prereq: JMC 100 
    • JMC 114 Adv. Video Production - The course focuses on producing non-news content for traditional broadcast, the web, and new media applications. Techniques of advanced production, including HD camera operation, multichannel sound, editing, lighting and directing will be emphasized. Pre-req: JMC 067 OR JMC 063 and Senior standing
    • JMC 116 Documentary Production - Long-form documentary storytelling and production, including story conception and planning, reporting and interviewing, video and audio gathering and editing, lighting, and video graphics. Pre-req JMC 063.
  • JMC 124 - Advertising Copy and Content - Introductory copywriting and layout course, exploring techniques for print, broadcast and Internet media. Audience differentiation, media and creative strategy all are considered. Emphasis is on concept development, persuasive writing, visualization & execution culminating in a portfolio presentation. Prereq.: JMC 054
  • JMC 150 Editing and Motion Graphics This course will enhance students' editing skills, and introduce them to the world of motion graphics. It combines lectures, discussions, and hands-on work in covering the technical, theoretical, and aesthetic factors involved in the post-production process. Students will be exposed to different styles of editing, and ultimately be able to create and cultivate their own editing skills and styles, and make professional video composites. Prereq: JMC 100
  • JMC 108 Media Criticism - This course emphasizes critical thinking and analyses about media content and its effects. A variety of theories and methods will be applied to critically analyze the historical and contemporary media. The course will focus on television, film, internet, advertising, and other emerging media of mass communication and culture. 
  • JMC 194 Digital Media Production Capstone Prereq: JMC 040, 055, 059, 105, 124, elective

See the Forms page for downloadable checksheets.