Drake University Community School of Music

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Upcoming Opportunities

Drake University Community School of Music provides unique opportunities to nurture students musical development through masterclasses or workshops for all ages and levels beyond private lessons. 

Summer 2019

For a special summer treat, Nate Sparks will be in Iowa offering jazz lessons and workshops sharing his experiences and knowledge with the New York jazz scene!  He will help develop your skills in preparation for a performance at Noce in downtown Des Moines at the end of summer.  More details are found here: Nate Sparks summer program.

 Click here or email cynthia.giunta@drake.edu for more information.

Coming Fall 2019: Audition Skills Workshop 

A unique workshop for middle and high school students so that students can audition confidently and successfully!  

August 24, 2019  1:00-4:00 pm in Turner Jazz Center on Drake University Campus

In this workshop, we’ll focus on that HOW – how to prepare for a big audition, and how to perform while nervous. We’ll do small performing and writing exercises, and each student will start drafting an individual plan for success.  You’ll be able to try out your new skills with a mock audition, so bring your instrument and be prepared to perform a small portion of something that you’re very comfortable playing – a solo, etude, or just a few scales. Taught by Kristin Sullivan. Click here or email cynthia.giunta@drake.edu for more information.

 Audition Workshop Poster

Questions?  Contact Cynthia Giunta at Cynthia.giunta@drake.edu or call 515-271-2832


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