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Faculty Senate Membership

The voting members of the Faculty Senate will be made up of a number of Unit Senators and four At-Large Senators. No individual may serve as more than one type of Senator at a given time. The President of the University and the Provost will be non-voting ex-officio members of Faculty Senate, and shall report to the Senate at each regularly scheduled meeting.

Regular Faculty Senate meetings are generally held once each month on the third Wednesday of the month at 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. in the months of September through May.


NameExec. CmteTermUnit
Fairbairn, Shelley President 2020-2021 SOE
Dunham-LaGree, Carrie Past President 2020-2021 CO


NameExec. CmteTermAt-Large or UnitUnit
Banta, Natalie X 2020-2022   Law
Bartschat, Klaus   2020-2022 Natural Sciences AS
Bottenberg, Michelle X 2019-2021   CPHS
Brown, Megan   2020-2022 Humanities AS
Canfield, Matthew   2020-2022 Social Sciences AS
Chibnall, Dan X 2019-2021   CO
DeLaet, Debra X 2020-2022 At-Large AS
Dore, Matt   2019-2021   Law
Gillespie, Catherine   2020-2022 At-Large SOE
Hansen, Anisa   2020-2022   CPHS
Hayden, Matthew X 2020-2022   SOE
Henry, Sandy   2020-2022   SJMD
Judd, Paul   2019-2021   CBPA
Lam, Kevin   2020-2022   SOE
Levi, Peter   2019-2021  Natural Sciences AS 
Madden, Yasmina   2019-2021  Humanities AS 
McCool, Lynn   2020-2022   CBPA
Maki, Erik   2020-2022 At-Large CPHS 
Miller, Chip X 2018-2021   CBPA 
Senteza, Jimmy   2020-2022 At-Large  CBPA 
Shenoy, Priya   2020-2022   CO
Sidon, Ashley   2019-2021  Fine Arts  AS 
Torry, Ron   2019-2021    CPHS 
VanWyke, Jill X 2020-2021   SJMC 
Ward, Neil   2020-2022 Fine Arts AS
Zwier, Matt President-Elect 2019-2021  Natural Sciences AS 
Vacant   2020-2022 Social Sciences AS


Drinda Williams Secretary 2019-2020 Provost
Kerwin Dobbins
Alternate Secretary 2019-2020 SOE


Note: All full Faculty Senate meetings will be located in Cowles Library, Room 201.

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