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Faculty Senate Membership

The voting members of the Faculty Senate will be made up of a number of Unit Senators and four At-Large Senators. No individual may serve as more than one type of Senator at a given time. The President of the University and the Provost will be non-voting ex-officio members of the Faculty Senate and shall report to the Senate at each regularly scheduled meeting.

Regular Faculty Senate meetings are generally held once each month on the third Wednesday of the month from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in the months of September through May.

Faculty Senate Rules and Regulations


Name Exec. Cmte Term Unit
Dunham-LaGree, Carrie President 2023-2024 Cowles
DeLaet, Debra Past President 2023-2024 AS


Name Exec.
Term At-Large or Division Unit
Aguero, Hector   2022-2024 Fine Arts AS
Allen, Jill   2023-2025 Natural Science AS
Boal, Bill   2023-2025   Zimpleman
Brown, Megan   2022-2024 At-Large AS
Chibnall, Dan   2023-2025   Cowles
DeLaet, Debra   2023-2025 Social Sciences AS
Frank, Sally X 2023-2025   Law
Garriott, Will   2022-2024 Social Sciences AS
Hansen, Anisa   2022-2024 At-Large CPHS
Henry, Sandy   2023-2025   SJMC
Hill, Denise X 2023-2025   Zimpleman
Huizar, Leah X 2023-2025   Bright
Klimaszewski, Melisa   2022-2024 Humanities AS
Kruse, Jerrid X 2022-2024 President-Elect Bright
Lam, Kevin   2022-2024 At-Large SOE
Lazareva, Olga   2023-2025 Natural Sciences AS
Lengel, Greg X 2022-2024 Natural Science AS
Leuwerke, Wade   2023-2025   SOE
Lynner, Natalie   2022-2024   Law
Maki, Erik   2023-2025   CPHS
McAlister, Faber   2023-2025 Humanities AS
Miesner, Andy X 2022-2024   CPHS
Munusamy, Shankar   2023-2025   CPHS
Roth, Nicholas   2023-2025 Fine Arts AS
Solsma, Lori alt. 2022-2024   Zimpleman
Stoldt, Ryan   2023-2024 At-Large SJMC
Thoma, Jen X 2022-2024   SOE
VanWyke, Jill X 2022-2024   SJMC
Welch, Andrew X 2022-2024   Cowles


Name Role Term Unit
Katherine Coady Secretary 2023-2026 Zimpleman
Jenny Tran-Johnson Parliamentarian 2023-2024 Registrar


Upcoming Meetings 

Note: Regular Faculty Senate meetings will be held via Zoom for academic year 2023 – 2024.