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Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad can be a vital, enriching element in an undergraduate history education.  The Department of History works closely with Drake Global Engagement to help you explore the range of Study Abroad options available, from short-term travel seminars in our January term and May term to semester-long study programs at partner institutions and other universities around the globe.

Studying abroad encourages you to discover new areas of knowledge while nurturing intellectual and personal maturation. Exposure to a culture and literature outside of the United States invites you to think critically about the past, present, and future of people whose experiences differ substantially from your own.  

We work with our students to ensure that study abroad is integrated into their course of study so that they graduate on time.

3+3 Drake Law School Program

Qualified students in any major in the College of Arts and Sciences can earn an undergraduate degree and a law degree in six years rather than the usual seven. Through this program, students complete three years of full-time undergraduate study, use law school courses to meet the balance of required undergraduate credits, and receive their Bachelor’s degree after the first year of law school. Visit the Drake Law School website for more information.

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