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Tuition Benefits

Drake Employee Tuition Benefits

Drake University is proud to provide tuition benefit programs to eligible Drake employees and their eligible family members. These benefits reflect Drake’s commitment to lifelong learning and represent an investment in our employees and their families.

Drake Tuition benefits are available to full-time employees (and their eligible family members). Eligible family members include a spouse or domestic partner and dependent children. Children will be considered dependent if they are under the age of 26, unmarried, not employed full-time, and are claimed as a dependent on the employee’s income tax return. Employees must have been employed on the first day of classes of a semester to be eligible for tuition benefits in that semester.

Tuition Benefits at Drake University are available in two different forms the Drake Tuition Waiver and the Tuition Exchange Programs.

Drake Tuition Waiver
This benefit allows eligible employees and their eligible family members to have a full or partial waiver of tuition for eligible courses offered by Drake. See the Drake Tuition Waiver policy for complete information. In order for a student to receive the Drake Tuition Waiver, the employee must complete the Tuition Waiver Application for every semester and for each student utilizing the waiver.

Please note: Undergraduate degree-seeking students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to July 1 preceding the academic year of enrollment (unless a waiver is granted). See the Drake Tuition Waiver policy for more details.

Tuition Exchange Programs

Drake University participates in two different tuition exchange programs. There are 3 main steps in the tuition exchange application process:

  1. Employee submits the tuition exchange application (and the student should also apply for admission at the schools listed on the application).
  2. Drake’s Office of Student Financial Planning will confirm and certify the employee’s eligibility to participate in the tuition exchange program. This is done on a rolling basis as applications are received.
  3. Each school listed on the application will determine whether they can offer the student a tuition exchange award. Schools have different application deadlines and timelines for announcing award determinations.

It is the employee’s responsibility to submit the tuition exchange application early enough to allow time for step #2 to be completed in advance of each school’s deadlines.

Details about each of Drake’s tuition exchange programs are provided below:

  • Tuition Exchange, Inc. (TE)
    TE has over 670 participating schools. Visit Tuition Exchange Program to learn more, view participating schools, and to submit an application.
  • Council of Independent Colleges & Universities Tuition Exchange Program (CIC-TEP)
    CIC-TEP has over 440 participating schools. Visit to learn more, view participating schools, and to submit an application.

Learn more about the Tuition Exchange Program here.


We hope that you will consider taking advantage of these great benefits!

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