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Faculty & Staff Technology Resources

Here's how to connect with technology at Drake:

Drake Password & ID

Your Password: You can change your password as often as you'd like, but every two years you’ll receive an email from ITS prompting you to change it using the Password Manager to keep your information safe. Make sure you set up recovery options in case you ever forget it. If you don't change your password when prompted, you'll be locked out of Drake systems until you do. Along with your Drake email address, you'll use your password to log into most campus systems.

NOTE: Faculty and staff should change their password on campus, using their Drake-owned computer, whenever possible. This allows the new password to sync to Drake systems. If you change your password off-campus you will need to continue using your previous password on your Drake-owned computer until it can be connected to the campus network.

Your Drake ID: This nine-digit number is your unique identification in the campus information system. Although you can log into some systems using your Drake ID number, it's best practice to use your Drake email address instead as it's required for certain systems.

myDrake Campus Portal

myDrake is our campus portal. You can access it by going to It provides links to many other applications and sites with information about life on campus and access to the campus functions you need on a regular basis–Self Service, email, document sharing, and other key systems can be accessed through myDrake.

Blackboard Learn Ultra Learning Management System

Blackboard Learn Ultra is the online learning management system (LMS) used by Drake. A LMS is a secure web-based tool used to organize and deliver materials and engage learners. It provides tools and functionality for file sharing, grading, discussion, and collaboration in face-to-face, blended, and online course environments. You'll find resources on using it in our Blackboard Learn Ultra guides

Learn more about the other academic technology resources supported by Drake ITS.

Drake Email

All Drake faculty and staff are issued email accounts, typically Email is accessible from the myDrake portal. Additionally, you use your Drake email address to log into most campus systems.

For security purposes, an external email label is added to emails that come from outside the domain. To learn more see External Email Label (FAQ). Receive a suspicious looking email? Follow the information at Reporting a Phishing Message (How-to).

Multi-Factor Authentication

Drake requires the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) on key systems to ensure campus information is kept safe. It pairs something you know (your username and password) with something you have (a phone or mobile device) to perform a secure login. Learn more in the multi-factor authentication guides.

Computers and Software

Computers: ITS manages all faculty and staff computer purchasing. We recommend specific computer bundles that meet our technical requirements.

Learn more at Computer Purchasing Guidelines and Standard Computer Models (FAQ).

Software: Drake provides self-service access to software for Drake-owned computers. See Using Company Portal (How-to) for PCs and Using the Self Service App (How-to) for Macs.

Faculty and staff are also eligible for discounted or free software for their personally owned-machines. For more information, please see Available Software Downloads (FAQ).

Tech Help

IT Service Portal: Visit the IT service portal to learn about technology services available, browse our knowledge base for how-to technology guides, or get assistance.

ITS Support Center: The Support Center provides help with passwords, general technology questions, or solving software, computer and network related problems. Call 515-271-3001 24/7 or visit Carnegie Hall by appointment ONLY. Room related emergencies while teaching on campus should be reported to the classroom response team at extension 3002. 

Online training: See a curated list of Technology Training Resources for Faculty & Staff in our IT service portal.


Connect with ITS

Want to keep in the loop on ITS updates and know when we're doing maintenance, or be alerted when services are unavailable?

ITS posts our updates on our ITS website and our IT service portal, as well in the weekly OnCampus newsletter.

Want ITS to text you outage notifications?

Opt in by texting DrakeITS2021 to phone number 226787. You first need to be signed up to receive Bulldog Alerts by text. Check your Bulldog Alerts Settings in myDrake.

On Twitter? Follow us @DrakeITServices

Campus Printing

All faculty and staff printing and copying is charged to the department. See more information on printing by reading Printing for Faculty & Staff (How-to).

Storage and Collaboration

OneDrive personal storage: As part of our campus Office365 subscription, faculty and staff can store up to 5 terabytes of data in OneDrive. The OneDrive client is automatically installed on faculty and staff computers. Log in using your email to store documents and share with others on campus or beyond. You can log directly into the OneDrive web interface or access it through myDrake.

Teams shared storage and collaboration: Everyone with a email account has access to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a product that combines tools and resources such as group chat, calendars, and file sharing into one location using the Office 365 platform. You can access Teams from the My Teams button in the Commonly Used Apps section of myDrake. From there you can access shared files and any personal files backed up to OneDrive.

When you use Teams online, you can create, update, work collaboratively on, and save documents directly to the cloud regardless of what device you’re using. Microsoft Teams also has apps for iOS or Android devices. Additionally, you can use Teams to hold virtual meetings, either as part of a Team or an individual or group chat, no matter where everyone is located. Learn more in these Teams Guides.


Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet access is available in all buildings on campus and some outdoor areas. Connect to the eduroam network and enter your Drake email address and password when prompted. Learn more at Connecting to the eduroam Wireless Network (How-to).

eduroam is a global roaming educational wireless network. If you visit any of the thousands of eduroam-connected instutitions worldwide, you'll be able to connect securely.


Wireless Projection

Drake has a campus wireless projection system in many buildings that allows faculty and students to connect wirelessly to classroom projection. To get started, see Using WirelessDisplay for Windows (How-to) or Using AirPlay to connect to WirelessDisplay on Mac OS (How-to).

Learn more about the other academic technology resources supported by Drake ITS.

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