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Assessment & Pathways

Drake Offers Students the Tools to Develop and Stay on Track

Thine – Personal Lawyer Development 

At Drake we offer you a state-of-the art tool to identify your strengths and yes, your areas of development. Thine was developed by lawyers and industrial organizational psychologists, specifically for lawyer assessments. 

Why is Drake Law School Offering an Assessment Tool?

Legal employers are looking for core competencies that sometimes do not come through in your resume, cover letter, or even initial interviews. These competencies, in turn, are strong predictors of lawyer success. As a result, we want to help you identify, and then promote, your strengths to employers. At the same time, we also want to work on any areas of development that may be interfering with your job search.

You are more than a GPA

According to Thine, highlighting your core competencies can help employers understand your potential value beyond just your law school or class rankings. Thine’s “assessment measures for personality traits and professional competencies that have been scientifically proven to be good indicators of job performance. Our assessment has been validated in more than 30 empirical studies with over 50,000 subjects across protected, and unprotected, demographic subgroups to ensure that it is valid, reliable, and free of adverse impact.”

Why You Should Try the Assessment

First, you can see how well you know your strengths and whether you are currently promoting them to employers. You can then use your results to develop your own narrative in cover letters and interviews that communicates those desired core competencies. Bonus – the online assessment will only take you about 15 minutes compared to other assessment tools you may have tried in the past that can take up to an hour to complete. The results are succinct and practical so you can put them to use immediately.

How Can You Access Thine?

You can click here to access Thine’s online system and create your own personal account.

Who Sees Your Report?

Taking the assessment through Drake is for your use only.  Many national employers are also using Thine in their individual hiring processes; in that situation, the employers who request your participation in Thine as part of their recruitment would have your results. Finally, Thine will let national employers know that Drake Law students are using the assessment, which may encourage those employers to also look at you if they are not doing so currently.

What Should I Do After Taking the Assessment?

We do not receive your report, so we strongly encourage you to share your results with Drake Law Career Development and meet with us to strategize how best to use them in your job search and development. It can also be helpful to take the assessment specifically as part of your interview preparation if you have not already participated.

Is the Assessment Required?

It is your choice whether to complete the assessment. Do we recommend it?  Of course – it is yet another tool that you can use to help you develop and prepare yourself to enter the legal market.


Through Symplicity, Drake offers students various checklists and roadmaps - known as Pathways - to keep their development and job search progress on track.

Why You Should Try Pathways

Pathways lays out steps and suggestions for overall job searches but also for specific goals and requirements along the way. We recognize that our calendars, planners, and notifications can overwhelm us.  Pathways is always accessible to help you track your own progress.

How Can You Access Pathways?

You can click here to access Pathways through Symplicity.  You can also find it under Resources on your Symplicity navigation pane.  Click the ? to the right of each activity to see details and instructions for each step.

Who Sees Your Pathways Progress?

Pathways is part of your Symplicity account so it is personal to you.  Drake Law Career Development can track overall and individual student progress toward completion, but that information is not shared or used for any purpose other than to gauge activity and progress.

Is Pathways Required?

It is your choice whether to use Pathways. Do we recommend it?  Of course – it is yet another tool that you can use to help you develop and keep yourself on track in an otherwise hectic time.


Contact CDO or one of the Career Development counselors directly for help with either tool.

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