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Career Fairs and Associations

Career fairs and professional associations are great for networking and finding jobs in your field.

Career Fairs

Career Fairs can be a valuable tool in your job search, especially if you are seeking jobs around the country or have a special niche or practice area.  From Drake's own Government & Public Interest Career Fair to public service, intellectual property, and diversity fairs around the country, you can find something of interest on Drake's List of Career Fairs. We are glad to help get you signed up! 

Professional Associations

Professional associations can be another tool in your networking and job search.  There may be a membership fee to join but be sure to see if there is a special rate for law students; if there is not a student membership you may still be able to locate valuable information on the public portions of their websites.  Drake's Professional Associations list will bring you in contact with professionals in your field, may include specific job postings, and will often include conferences or job fairs as well.  CDO is glad to help get you connected!

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