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Exam Software

This page provides information on final exam software for Drake Law School students.

To offer exams digitally, Drake Law School uses Examplify, a product of Turnitin. The Law School pays Examplify licensing fees, allowing students to use the product at no expense. Students download a new copy of Examplify each academic year. This allows access to the program for that year's midterms, finals, and in-class assessments. 

Please note: The exam software was formerly called Softest and/or Examsoft. It is now called Examplify. These terms may be used interchangeably on ExamSoft's website or in exam instructions.  Assume all mentions of "Softest and/or Examsoft" refer to "Examplify." 

On test day(s), students launch Examplify and enter a secured word processor. This prevents access to other programs and material, maintaining exam integrity. At each exam's conclusion, answers are securely uploaded via Drake’s wireless network. No loaner laptops will be available during exams, however, accommodations can be made to provide access to a workstation as required. 

Minimum System Requirements

Approved Devices

Chromebooks, Android tables, and iPads cannot be used to take a test. Additionally, we have experienced many problems with Surface tablets and do not recommend their use for exams.  

Alternative versions of Windows 10, such as Windows RT and Windows 10S, are NOT supported at this time. 

New Installation and Registration

Each academic year, prior to your first computer-based exam in the fall semester, students who would like to take exams on personal laptop will be required to install and register a new copy of Examplify. This guarantees the latest updates have been applied and registers use of the product for exams. 

If you need to install and register a copy of Examplify, follow these instructions:

  • Download Examplify by going to the ExamSoft site at Log in with your Drake ID and your password (six-digit birthdate: mmddyy) as well as Institution Id ("drakelaw").
  • You will be presented with a screen where you can download the latest version. Examsoft will determine which operating system you are currently using and download the appropriate version.
  • The Examplify installer will then launch. At the Welcome screen, click "Next." The license agreement follows. Select "I accept the license agreement" and click "Next."
  • Click through any windows that follow to complete the installation.
  • After installation, Examplify will launch and prompt you to register. Use your nine-digit student ID number as your username; your password is your birth date in six-digit form, MMDDYY, Click "Register."
  • After a brief pause, you should receive notification of successful registration. Click "OK."
  • At this point, Examplify should inform you that exam files are available for download, asking if you would like to download them now. We suggest that you click "No," exiting Examplify.
  • You should now be returned to the Examplify Installer. Click "Finish."

Downloading Exams

In addition to installing and registering Examplify, students will need to download exam templates for each of the exams they plan to take.

Among the exam templates is a "Sample Exam." Each student may download and experiment with this sample exam up to five times. All other exams may only be downloaded once and should not be opened until the time of your exam.

  • Launch the Examplify application. When the Examplify Launcher appears a list of exam files will appear. This list should contain only exams for courses you are registered for, where the instructor is permitting use of Examplify. If an exam does not appear in this list that you believe you should have access to, immediately contact Lori Richman (, 515-271-4511, Gorsche Student Services Suite, Room 128).
  • Click to select the top exam in the list and then, holding down the shift key, click the bottom exam in the list. This selects all of the files.
  • Click "Download." Once the download has finished a message box should appear indicating successful status. Click "OK," then "Close" when returned to the exam listing.
  • Click "Exit" when returned to the Examplify Launcher.

Your computer is now ready for final exams!

Take a Sample Exam

Two options are available if you would like to experiment with Examplify before exam day. Among the exams downloaded, you may have downloaded a file labeled "SampleExam." Our recommendation is that students use this file for experimentation as it offers an exact replica of what individuals will experience on exam day.

Alternatively, Examplify offers its own practice exam, but the environment differs slightly from what we offer.

To take a sample exam, demonstrating what you will experience on exam day, follow these instructions:

  • Launch the Examplify application. A shortcut should be available on your desktop. If your laptop is running Windows Vista or Windows 7, a dialog may appear asking if you would like to proceed. Click "Continue." When the Examplify Launcher appears, click the button labeled "Launch SofTest."
  • From the Exam File Location drop-down menu, choose "SampleExam-Lee Schneider.xmz." This pre-fills the ID field with your three-digit exam number, also populating the Exam Name and Instructor fields. Our true exam files will also require a password, which proctors will give you on exam day, starting the entire class in unison.
  • Click "Begin Exam" near the bottom of the window. Examplify will notify you that it needs to restart your computer. Click "OK."
  • After your laptop restarts, and you log back in, a notice will appear requiring you to type a special code before entering the word processing component.
  • When you are ready to close out of the sample exam, go to the drop down menu in the upper left corner of your screen and select "Submit Exam.  A dialog appears to make sure you would like to exit. Click "Close Exam" and "Exit" at the screen that follows.
  • Examplify again notifies you that it needs to restart your computer. Click "OK." After your computer restarts and you log back in, Examplify will upload your completed exam. This is how the Law School receives your exam answers.

If you would like to take the sample exam an additional time, you will need to redownload the exam template using the instructions on downloading exams.

Note: The sample exam may be downloaded and taken five times for each student; all other exams may only be downloaded once, and should not be opened until the time of your exam.

Technical Support

If you have questions about Examplify or encounter troubles installing or downloading exams, don't hesitate to contact the University's Information Technology Department, 515-271-3001. You may also contact Dan Burkett, the Law School IT direct support at 515-271-4750. Contact Lori Richman at 515-271-4511 with any exam related inquiries. No loaner laptops will be available during exams. Additionally, it is strongly encouraged that you launch Examplify in the week(s) before exams so that you have ample time to troubleshoot and resolve/workaround any possible technology issues before your exam. Do not wait until exam day to launch the application. 

Note: Because it is impossible to completely eliminate the potential for computer failure during an exam, students who choose to take exams on computer assume the risk of technical problems and all resulting consequences.

Loss due to technical difficulty is rare, but possible. Avoid any problems by having a reliable computer and power supply.

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