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International Study

LEAD is proud to partner with International Studies Abroad (ISA) to offer our students the opportunity to complete their LEAD electives in 1 of 9 countries.

Please access this link ( to learn of the numerous service-learning and internship possibilities that exist through ISA. This manual provides information on how to get started with the application process for the LEAD/ISA partnership.


Before You Go

Please complete these tasks before going on your International Capstone or Internship.

  • Attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation, and any program-specific orientations
  • Set-up an appointment with World Languages and Cultures to fulfill a language minor (if applicable) 


Frequently Asked Questions


The ISA scholarship application says only students who are going for 8 weeks or more can apply, can I still apply if I’m only going for 6 weeks?

Answer: Yes, the Kalyn Peterson Memorial Scholarship can be applied to students going on programs for less than 8 weeks. For all other scholarships, you must be enrolled for at least 8 weeks.

If I receive LEAD financial assistance, how do I apply that money to my ISA Student Portal?

Answer: You will need to work closely with your Financial Aid office as they will most likely create a scholarship and then apply it to your Drake Student Account. From there you will need to take the money out and use it to pay for the remainder of your program fees. In the event you do not have access to the money by the Final Forms and Payment deadline, you will need to fill out and submit ISA’s Verification of Award form, which can be found in your ISA Student Portal.

There are 2 applications I have to do?

Answer: Yes. You must complete the Drake International application and be accepted, and then apply through ISA.

How many credits will I receive for the program?

Answer: That depends on how long your program is. 1 credit = 30 hours of full time Service Learning so 4 or 6 week programs will receive 3 credits, and 8 week or more programs will receive 6 credits.

Can I take a class over the summer in addition to my Service Learning hours?

Answer: The mission of LEAD is to make significant contributions to Drake and your current and future communities of involvement by exemplifying ethical Leadership. We wish for you to focus on this during your capstone abroad, but are willing to discuss additional classes under certain circumstances.

Is this pass/fail or a letter grade course?

Answer: Letter grade. Your Carroll College Transcript Request form (found in the your ISA Student Portal) will ask you to opt for pass/fail or a letter grade. You must choose a letter grade.?

6-week programs aren’t listed except in Galway, how do I enroll in a 6-week program?

Answer: You’ll need to apply for the 4-week program and then email your Program Manager, Kristine ( and tell her you would like to add 2 weeks onto the program. The additional cost for 2 weeks will vary by country, so be sure to confirm with Kristine what your final program cost is.


When in doubt, contact Drake International with international travel questions and the LEAD Program Director for LEAD-related questions. 

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