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MSLD Competencies

Personal Mastery


The ability to demonstrate resilience and agility under changing conditions in the environment

Critical Thinking / Decision Making

The ability to analyze a problem and reach a timely and defensible decision.  Involves seeking information, analyzing the options, proposing possible solutions, and making a decision.

Integrity and Ethics

The ability to recognize and resolve ethical dilemmas, prioritize ethical values, courageously implement ethical solutions, and promote a culture of integrity and authenticity.

Developing Self

The ability to manage one’s impact on others by practicing self-awareness, self-management, and by demonstrating continuous learning.


Building Teams

The ability to create and support synergistic teams maximizing psychological safety, trust, openness, and collaboration.

Developing Others

The ability to help others reach their potential” (SHRM, 2011, p. 4). Involves coaching, providing feedback, and sharing expertise

Effective Communications

Receiving and transmitting information to others effectively and holistically.  Involves the expression and understanding of ideas, thoughts and feelings in oral and written forms, within small or large groups, and using appropriate technology.

Inspiring and involving others

The ability to recognize contributions and foster an engaging environment.

Intercultural / Global Intelligence

Ability to respect and work effectively with people from varying backgrounds and perspectives. Includes cultural sensitivity, cultural adaptability, and respect for others.

Relationship Building

The ability to relate to others in a warm and inviting manner. Includes collaborating, networking, influencing, inspiring, and interacting positively with others.


Capitalizing on Conflict

Recognizing, analyzing, and maximizing the benefit of differences of opinion in the workplace. Involves openness, honesty, and the ability to have critical conversations.

Innovation and Future Thinking

The ability to anticipate trends and consider the possibilities. This competency includes fostering an environment of innovation, risk, experimentation, and comfort with failure.

Leading Change

Comfort with and ability to lead change processes within the organization including but not limited to initiatives related to culture change or

Strategic Vision

The ability to see a problem systemically and holistically, envision an exciting future state, and invite others to reach it.

Organizational Research & Data Analytics

The ability to collect and analyze data from various sources to support leadership decisions and to critically read and apply the content of credible research.


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