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Current Live Mascot: Griff II

About Griff II

Griff II was introduced as the Drake University's second official live mascot on July 1, 2020. Griff II adores people and can never get enough attention. He has an insatiable appetite and loves to take long naps—punctuated by moments of mischief. Griff II is a key part of recruiting efforts, student life, alumni functions, Drake athletics, and more. Griff II is loved by all and has a positive impact on many. He is, proudly, Des Moines’ hometown dog.

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Is Griff II a Beautiful Bulldog?

 Technically, No.  A new Beautiful Bulldog is crowned each April during the Drake Relays, and he/she serves as a one-time mascot for that year’s track and field event only.

He’s Drake’s live bulldog mascot, he represents the entire University throughout the whole year. You can spot him at campus events, at sporting events, at graduation, making the rounds in the community, and even getting his favorite "pup-a-chino" at the campus Starbucks.

He’s a certified therapy dog who has found his life’s calling—being the walking, wiggling embodiment of smart, dedicated, fun-loving, enthusiastic, big-hearted, loyal Drake Bulldogs everywhere.


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