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Appearance Request

Griff II is available for appearances!

Any fees below will directly support the Drake University Live Mascot Program.  Please review the terms and conditions below before proceeding with filling out the request form. My people will follow up within 5 business days of receiving it.

Please note: Due to a number of factors, there is a limit to my ability to meet all requests for appearances.  I’d be everywhere if I could, but I must sometimes say no.  It’s never personal. 

Appearance Terms and Conditions

Completion of this form does not guarantee an appearance.

  1. Requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  (Please note: The further in advance the request is made, the more likely I will be available.  I am a popular dog with a full schedule!  A “hot commodity,” if you will.)
  2. Incomplete requests cannot be approved. 
  3. All requests are subject to the approval of Drake University who reserves the right to refuse for any reason.
  4. Most appearances will be limited to 1 hour or less.  This is for my wellbeing and due to a very demanding schedule.
  5. I need you to please have water available for me and a free parking spot that is as close to the event as possible.  (My legs are short.  The less walking I have to do, the more pep I will have left in my step for your event!)
  6. I cannot appear at outdoor events during inclement weather, which includes heat. What feels like a nice Spring/Summer/Fall day to you could be dangerously hot for me.   I must take heat very seriously.  You will be notified ASAP should the decision to cancel my appearance be made.
  7. Drake University reserves the right to cancel an appearance without penalty due to illness, personal emergency, schedule conflicts, etc.  After all, I am a live animal and things happen.  Should I miss a scheduled appearance for any of the reasons above or other extenuating circumstances, payment will be refunded in full.

Appearance Fees

Please Note: All appearances are subject to approval.

Drake University Event/Organization No Charge*
Des Moines Metro Schools No Charge*
Non-Profit/Charity $50.00
Birthdays and Graduation Parties $100.00
Weddings $150.00
Corporate Functions $150.00
*Transportation Charge $0.575/mile

*Transportation Charge: For events more than 20 miles from Drake University, an additional fee of $0.575 will be charged per mile over 20 miles.

*On-Campus and Des Moines Metro Schools Appearances Only


Appearance Request Form