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International Simulations

From negotiation skills to a deeper understanding of the issues that face our world, you can gain incredible professional competence and insight through the Drake Simulation League, which offers Model United Nations, Model European Union, and Model Arab League simulations.

These programs challenge students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to realistic simulations of international diplomacy. Since 2001, more than 450 students have represented Drake at simulations across the nation. 

For more information, contact Jimmy Senteza.

Model United Nations

Model European Union

Model Arab League

Excerpt from the 2019 Drake Simulation League (DSL) Spring Semester Report:

"With 16 total delegates participating in the fall semester - 12 new to collegiate simulations, and eight first year students - DSL is growing on Drake’s campus. For the spring conference, the executive team had to evaluate each member’s performance and availability to assign the roster for the New York team because of the large amount of interest in the trip.

The incoming executive team is working extensively to ensure the longevity and continual improvement of this valued program. DSL is continually grateful to the Nelson Institute and the generous contributions they provide to the organization. DSL would not be possible without their generosity."