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Class Schedule FAQs

Q: When will my schedule be complete?
A: Schedules will be complete and ready to view 24 hours before your orientation session. 
Q: Where can I find information about transfer credits?
A: Visit to learn more about the transfer credit process.
Q: What if I want to request a change to my schedule?
A: There will be a process for schedule change requests shared with you during your academic program overview during your orientation.
Q: How do I know what these classes are?
A: Simply click on the course in question to view the course title and additional details. You can also view Text Books and Course Materials for any given course by clicking on the blue "textbooks and course materials" button at the bottom of the page. **Pay special attention to the start and end times listed within each course. They will display on your schedule when they start, but may not necessarily block out the time until when they end.
Q: I was placed in a language that is either 002 or 052, and I don't see that on my schedule.
A: Those courses are only offered in the spring semester, so you can look forward to taking your foreign language course next term.

Q: My schedule shows supplemental instruction (SI) or peer learning (PL).
What is that? 
SI and PL are a non-traditional form of tutoring that focuses on collaboration, group study, and interaction for assisting students in grasping concepts in more rigorous courses. You will learn during lecture whether attendance at SI/PL is required or optional, but regardless, we highly encourage you to take advantage of this resource!

Q: Why does it look like I have two chemistry labs? 
The first hour is dedicated to instructions and the remaining time is the application of the instructions.

Q: I'm planning to be in choir, but I don't see it listed on my schedule.  
Choir auditions will take place at the beginning of the fall semester and will be added to your schedule at that time.  

Q: I have a music lesson, but it's listed at the bottom of my schedule, as a "course without a meeting time?"
You and your instructor will determine a time which works for the two of you in the first weeks of the fall semester.

Q: How many credits should I be taking? 
We usually recommend about 15 credits to start. Some majors require that students enroll in more credits their first semester. 12 credits is the minimum to be a full-time student.

Q: I am a student athlete -why do I have time blocked out for so many things? 
Athletic practice times are scheduled as "classes" to block that time for you and avoid conflicts with classes.

Q: Why are there "courses with time conflict" listed at the bottom of my schedule? 
On the rare occasion that two of your required courses slightly overlap, we have obtained pre-approval of the time conflict from your course instructors. Please plan to work out logistics with your instructors during the first week of classes.

Q. How do I view course descriptions?
A. To view course descriptions, log into myDrake and click on the Course Descriptions link under Classes & Registration.  When prompted, select the appropriate term and click submit. If you are looking up a specific course, be sure to enter the course number exactly as it appears on your schedule. Note, all FYS course descriptions can be found on the 2023 Fall FYS Courses page.

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