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Cody Dolinsek

photo of Cody Dolinsek
Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
103 Medbury Hall
(515) 271-3123
Fall 2023 Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1:00-3:30 PM 

Cody Dolinsek received his B.A. in Philosophy from Drake in 2005 and his PhD in Philosophy in 2020.  Prior to becoming a visiting assistant professor at Drake in the fall of 2021, he taught for Drake as an adjunct instructor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion from August of 2015 to May of 2021.  His philosophical interests are wide ranging and include political philosophy, ethics, philosophy of religion, philosophy of love, and the history of philosophy.  He is also keen to explore philosophy’s relationship to the disciplines of history and literature.  While unsure of the ability or wisdom of philosophers to pursue grand systems that explain how everything hangs together, he is nonetheless grateful for the attempts at such system-building, regarding them as indicative of what is best and worst in the human spirit.  For him, teaching philosophy is one way in which to foster friendship around the big questions about the meaning of human existence and how to make the most of it. 

Professor Dolinsek is currently in the process of researching Kant’s categorical imperative and its application to the problem of suicide as well as reflecting on the so-called problem of evil as St. Augustine articulates it and tries to resolve it in his work On Free Choice of the Will.  He is also coediting with Tim Knepper a volume on the global-critical philosophy of religion.  He has read papers for the Evangelical Philosophical Society and the Baptist Association of Philosophy Teachers. 

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