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Student Affairs Policies

Below are the current official statements of Drake University policy regarding Student Life. For additional information on all Drake University policies, see About Policy Library.

Behavior and Conduct

Acceptable Computer Use Policy for Students (Appendix C)

Alcohol and Controlled Substance Use/Students (Code of Student Conduct / Appendix A)

Consensual Relationships

Damage or Destruction to Drake Property by use of Fire or Explosives (Code of Student Conduct / Appendix G)

Disorderly Conduct (Code of Student Conduct / Appendix D)

Distribution of Literature (Code of Student Conduct / Appendix D)

Hazing Policy (Code of Student Conduct (Appendix F)

Non-Retaliation Against Persons Reporting Misconduct

Violence-Free Workplace

Equity and Inclusion

Reasonable Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities

Bias Motivated Incidents (Code of Student Conduct / Appendix M)

Non-Discriminatation and Discriminatory Harassment Policy

Non-discrimination Statement

Service and Assistance Animals



FERPA - Family Rights & Privacy Act



All Campus Posting (Code of Student Conduct / Appendix D)


Code of Student Conduct

Community, Diversity and Freedom of Expression

Degree and Credit Revocation

Drug-Free Workplace

Food Services Exclusivity

Gambling Policy (Code of Student Conduct / Appendix E)

General Catalog

Group Travel

Intercollegiate Athletics and Major Leadership Activities Probation Policy

Medical Leave of Absence (Student Voluntary)


Political Activity Policy

Political Candidate Visits

Room Reservations

Student Handbook

Student Identification Cards (Code of Student Conduct / Appendix L)

Student Preferred Name

Student Pronoun Policy

Tobacco Free Campus

Transportation Policy

Travel Expense

University Closings, Cancellations, and Delays

Residence Life

Residence Hall Handbook