Public Relations

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All SJMC majors must complete the Requirements for SJMC Majors. In addition, Public Relations majors must complete the following:

  • JMC 85  Public Relations Principles – This course explores the role of public relations in today’s organizations. Students will develop an appreciation for and understanding of the critical thinking, research, planning and communication skills necessary for the effective practice of public relations. Students will acquire a solid foundatin in the basic theories and concepts of communication, persuasion, motivation and learning which are integral parts in the success of public relations and in engaging people. Prereq.: Sophomore standing
  • JMC 123 Public Relations Writing Objective and persuasive writing for print, broadcast and social media and internal communication channels. Prereq: JMC 54 and JMC 135 or 085.
  • JMC 136 Public Relations Research An examination of research methods and applications and interpretation of research findings to public relations planning and problem solving. Prereq.: JMC 123.
  • JMC 143 Public Relations Planning & MGMT This course explores the role of strategic planning and issues management in public relations, helping you gain essential skills you will need to thrive as a practitioner. You will learn how to identify and assess the ways in which emerging issues may affect public relations practice, and design and defend a comprehensive public relations plan on behalf of a community partner. Throughout the course, we will strive to balance proactive and reactive (i.e. crisis) strategies. Prereq.: JMC 059 & JMC 123.
  • JMC 144 Case Studies Analysis This course is designed to prepare public relations students through both instruction and practice to execute professional-level thinking, analysis, writing and presentation skills needed for successful public relations campaign management. JMC 135 or 085 JMC 123 strongly recommended .
  • JMC 146 Public Relations Campaign Strategy Planning and executing a major public relations campaign through the fact-finding, planning, communicating and evaluation stages. Class teams simulate competitive counseling firms. Prereq.: JMC 040, 123 and 143.
  • ECON 2 Microeconomics
  • PSY 1 Introduction to Psychology
  • MKTG 101 Marketing Principles
  • MGMT 110 Mgmt Process and Behavior
September 25, 2023