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General Contact Information

Mailing Address:

2842 Forest Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50311

Hall Front Desk Phone Number:


Hall Information

Type of residence: First Year

Air Conditioned: Yes

Co-Ed: Yes

Handicap accessible: Yes

  • *Room Dimensions:
    • Double Room: 15'9" x 12'7"
    • Single Room: 15'9" x 8'9"
    • Triple Room: 16'11" x 13'9"
    • Floor to Ceiling Height is 96"
  • Window Dimensions:
    • 7'1" x 4'9" (Blinds Provided)
  • Carpet
    • Not Needed (All rooms are carpeted)

*All Rooms may vary in size. These are the most common dimensions.

  • Lofts Dimensions
    • *36" Wide -80" Long Maximum lofted height is 6ft. (Beds are not bunkable)
    • *Residents will loft your own bed to the desired height upon move-in
    • *If you are bringing a futon for your room and you want it to fit under a lofted bed it MUST measure shorter than 80" in length to fit.
  • Mattress Size
    • Extra Long -6'6" x 3'
  • Furniture: (all moveable)
    • Wardrobe: 48" Wide x 24" Deep x 72" High
      (There are no drawers in the wardrobe)
    • Desk: 36" Wide x 24" Deep x 30" High
    • 3- Drawer Dresser: 30" Wide x 24" Deep x 30" High
    • Standard Desk Chair
  • Towel Bar, Coat Hooks
    • Provided in each wardrobe
  • Recycle Bin
    • One per room (No trash can is provided)
  • White Board
    • There is one dry erase board outside each room door for the residents of that room

Odds & Ends

  • Appliance Guidelines
    • Refrigerators - Not to exceed 4.0 cubic ft. 115/120 volts, UL approved, one unit per/room
    • Microwaves - Cannot exceed 700 watts, UL approved, one unit per/room
    • These common items are NOT permitted: extension cords, holiday lights, rope lights, halogen lamps, coffee pots, toasters, George Foreman type appliances. Refer to the Residence Life handbook for all approved appliances. All un-approved appliances discovered in a room may be removed or confiscated.
  • Bathrooms
    • There are both gender bathrooms on every floor, except those designated single gender.
  • Cable/Internet
    • Basic cable service is provided by Mediacom, premium services available at an additional charge to resident.
    • Internet service is Ethernet or wireless in every residence hall
  • Elevator
    • Located in all Quad Halls
  • Kitchens
    • Located in all Quad Halls
  • Laundry Rooms
    • Located in every residence hall in the basement.
    • Washer (29 minute cycle $1.50)
    • Dryer (45 minute cycle $1.25)
    • Coin-operated or Card-swipe payment option (E-Suds)
  • Mail
    • Residents will have a mailbox they can access themselves with a key.
    • All packages can be accessed from the desk staff in the hall of residence.
    • Mail is sorted by the resident last name and will NOT need room number to receive mail.
University Events
University News
August 17, 2018
Neil M. Gorsuch, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, gave a special lecture to approximately 350 Drake Law students, faculty, and staff on Aug. 16.