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Principal Licensure

The Specialist in Education with Principal Licensure is a post-masters program that prepares students for principal licensure. Developed from the Iowa Standards for School Leaders, the program enables students to become exemplary leaders within the field of education. A rich clinical experience is central to the program, with multiple hands-on experiences embedded throughout the coursework.

The Specialist in Education with Principal Licensure requires 45-credit hours, consisting of two 3-credit clinical experiences.


EDL 270:  Personal and Professional Assessment Seminar
EDL 271:  Leadership and the Profession
EDL 272:  Organizational and System Behavior
EDL 273:  Instruction and Learning
EDL 274:  School and Community in a Diverse Society
EDL 275:  Planning, Research, Measurement and Evaluation*
EDL 276:  Applications of Law, Mandates and Policies
EDL 277:  Current Issues in Special Education Administration
EDL 278:  Supervising Instruction*
EDL 279:  Managing Schools
EDL 280:  Clinical Experience I
EDL 281:  Clinical Experience II
EDL 283:  Leading Complex Organizations
EDL 284:  Analytics in Education Research

Choice of one elective:  

EDL 285:  Ethics and Social Justice
EDL 286:  Systems Thinking
EDL 287:  Curriculum and Evaluation

*Meets Iowa Evaluator Approval requirements


For more information about a Specialist in Education with Principal Licensure,

Doug Stilwell, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership

E: doug.stilwell@drake.edu
P: (515) 271-1993

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