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A smartphone

Students will use a smartphone to create photo, audio and video projects in their multimedia lab during their first semester on campus.

We recommend an iPhone, but Android phones will work too. Windows phones have worked for students in the past, but are not desirable.

A laptop computer

We recommend the Macbook Pro. Other versions of the Macbook line will work and have worked well for our students. The Macbook Pro is recommended because SJMC students will be editing large video on their laptops.

While we are a Mac-based school, we do mostly run Adobe Creative Cloud software which is Mac- and PC-friendly. If you have already purchased a PC for school, then bring the PC. We will make it work.

Students will also want to consider purchasing an external hard drive to store and move large files.

Adobe Creative Cloud

First-year SJMC students are required to purchase a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. This will provide the software needed to produce all the multimedia elements in their multimedia lab. It costs $20/month for the first year. We recommend waiting to purchase the license until needed in class to ensure you get your full value.

A tripod and smartphone adapter

We recommend (but do not require) a simple kit to get better video from your smartphone, including a mini tripod and a Shoulderpod smartphone adaptor.