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SJMC Forms

Academic Adjustment Request Form - Use this form to request SJMC faculty consider an adjustment to your curriculum. For example, you might request that ART 021 fulfill your JMC 059 requirement by sharing examples of class projects or other relevant work.

Degree Audit Adjustment Request - Use this form when your degree audit isn't accurate. For example, if a history course you completed while studying abroad isn't reflected as fulfilling your History AOI, complete this form. Be descriptive in the request, noting specific course numbers.

Honor Pledge

Independent Study Form*

Internship Agreement*

Internship report form

Report form for no-credit internships

Last 30 Credit Hour Waiver Request Form

Overload Request to Register for 18+ Credit Hours

Reference Request Form

Graduate Petition for Academic Course Waiver

*All internship and independent study paperwork is due to the SJMC Dean’s Office by the first Friday of classes each term.  Paperwork submitted after this date could result in the inability to register for the requested course or a delay in registration.  Please submit questions regarding internship and independent study registration to the Dean’s Office. 



For students enrolled since Fall 2022:

2022 Advertising Checksheet

2022 Digital Media Production Checksheet

2022 Magazine Brand Media Checksheet

2022 MMJ Checksheet

2022 Public Relations Checksheet

2022 Strategic Political Communication Checksheet

2022 Magazine Brand Media Minor Checksheet


For students enrolled since Fall 2020:

2020 Advertising checksheet 

2020 Digital Media Production Checksheet

2020 Magazine Media Checksheet

2020 Multimedia Journalism Checksheet

2020 PR Checksheet

2020 SPC Checksheet

2018 Advertising minor

Magazine Media Minor Checklist


For students enrolled Fall 2015-2019:

2015-17 Advertising major check sheet

2018-19 Advertising checksheet

2014-17 Advertising minor

2015-19 Digital Media Production checksheet

2015-19 Magazine Media checksheet

2015-19 News checksheet

2015-19 PR checksheet

2015-19 Strategic Political Communication checksheet


Prior year checksheets:

For students enrolled Fall 2014

For students enrolled Fall 2013

For students enrolled Fall 2012

For students enrolled before Fall 2012


Tools for Success

A&S Credits

Fall 2020 Semester Quick Reference

Four-Year Plan of Study

Mental Health Resources

Plan of Study Worksheet

Weekly Study Plan