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Selchia Cain

Maria Hanson



Evy Tews

Eddye Vanderkwaak

Selchia Cain, Rhetoric

I am a double major in rhetoric and magazines with a concentration in public relations. Rhetoric as an additional degree has complimented my mass communication/journalism studies and has proven to be beneficial academically and professionally. The program allows me to critically analyze concepts closely connected to mass media, news, advertisements and journalism and how they generate messages about socioeconomic class, race, and sexuality. Thanks to the major, I view myself as PR professional with a broader lens.

During the fall of the 2014-2015 school year I will be a TA for Stacy Treat’s Public Speaking course. I really enjoyed his media studies class I took my junior year and I am honored to have the chance to work with him while sharing my infused my interest in mass communications and rhetoric with other students while in an assistant teaching role.

Maria Hanson, Rhetoric

As a rhetoric major, I have had the opportunities and resources to make the most out of my college experience. My professors and peers have helped me to become a better student and to achieve my goals in my time so far at Drake by discussing extra readings with me outside of class, guiding me through the process of submitting a paper and presenting it at a conference, and leading class discussions that have given me a better understanding of the perspectives that shape public discourse. The program allows me to study a broad range of topics, meaning that it fits well with my other major, drawing. It also allows me to look closely at the ways in which everything from art, movies, and reality television to speeches, magazine ads, and the objects in our everyday lives can have an impact on our own identities and on the ideologies of our culture.

Evy Tews, Sociology

As a sociology major at Drake, I have had the opportunity to examine ideas and social relations from a wide variety of perspectives. The field has connected me with professors and fellow students who are passionate about fascinating and relevant causes. This year alone, I have helped create two new services at Drake that raise awareness and support victims of gender violence. Studying sociology has equipped me with the knowledge as well as the mediums I need to make positive social change possible on our campus. I look forward to using the skills I have learned and my volunteer experiences while pursuing my Master's degree in Social Work after graduation. I am so grateful that I can turn my passion of supporting others into a rewarding career.

Eddye Vanderkwaak, Sociology

As a Sociology major I have been afforded so many opportunities to apply what I am learning to the career I’m pursuing. I came to Drake as a Jim Casey Young Fellow. As a Fellow, travelling nationally to advocate for young people aging out of the foster care system. Having been a foster care Alumni myself, I have experienced first-hand the difficulties and barriers that come with being in and aging out of the system. I plan to use my sociology major is to serve this population as a Juvenile Court Officer and community advocate for young people impacted by the child welfare and juvenile court system. Another one of my passions is to continue to advocate through means of data analysis and field interviews that support the experiences this population has had to face. Being a sociology major has provided me the knowledge, guidance and opportunities to develop this knowledge and skills.

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