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South Central STEM

STEM for All!

Welcome to the South Central Iowa STEM Region! Our goal is to help expand STEM to the communities we serve. As indicated by boundaries set by the Iowa Governor’s Advisory Council, the region is a collaborative effort, with a Hub located at Drake University. 


If you live in South Central Iowa and need help with STEM, start here!

Dr. Sarah Derry, SC STEM Regional Manager
Lisa Morlock, Events & Communication

Collier-Scripps Hall #214
2702 Forest Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50031

Phone: 515-271-2403

facebookFacebook: South Central Iowa STEM Region

instastram logo 2Instagram: sc_iowa_stem


Note: We are currently building this page. If you need information note yet on these pages, please email the hub at

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2023-24 Advisory Board Members

The South Central Regional STEM Hub is governed by a non-partisan body of STEM enthusiasts. Please consider applying if you love STEM and Iowa students.

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2023-24 SC STEM Hub Regional Financial Reports, Agendas, & Meeting

All meeting and financial documents are part of public information and open to the public. 

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2023-24 Newsletters

If you'd like to sign-up to receive newsletter, please email

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2024-25 Checkout Library Materials

Most of the checkout materials are past Scale-Ups. We hope this library offers an opportunity for educators to see if this type of programming would benefit their students. If it does, please apply in January to receive a Scale-Up of your own.

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