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Faculty Accolades

Bengu Erguer-Tekinalp, Professor of Counselor Education, has been elected to be the next president-elect of her professional organization, North American Society of Adlerian Psychology. 

Dr. Lindsay Woodward has been approved for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor by the Board of Trustees. In addition, Dr. Tom Buckmiller, Dr. Shelley Fairbairn, and Dr. Jerrid Kruse have been approved for promotion to Professor by the Board of Trustees. 

Doug Stilwell, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, recently had an article published on the Deming Institute Blog entitled, “I See You.”  It addresses the impact of COVID on mental and emotional health.  It can be found at:

Molly Shepard, Data Manager, along with colleagues Chad Cardani-Trollinger and Tara Widner, from Iowa State University, and Matthew Yates from the University of Connecticut, presented at the 22nd Annual ILA Global Conference: Leadership at the Edge. Their presentation, "Getting There and Back: Designing leadership-based cultural development experiences," discussed the various pieces that come together to develop effective leadership-based short-term international programming.

Jen Thoma, Assistant Professor of Literacy and Early Childhood Education, and Todd Hodgkinson, Associate Professor of Education, published an article in the Fall ’20 edition of The Field Experience Journal. In their article, "Looking for the Carrot: Factors that Could Motivate In-service Teachers to Mentor", they discuss how a majority of the 348 teachers surveyed (60%) chose to become mentors for altruistic reasons (e.g., to give back to the profession) or because they were explicitly asked by an administrator (30%). Lack of time, too much extra work, little to no compensation, and a lack of clear expectations were among the major reasons cited for not choosing to mentor. 

Sally Beisser, Professor of Education, was awarded the 2019-2020 Levitt Mentor of the Year award.

On September 16, 2020, Ryan Wise, Dean of the School of Education, was presented with a Friend of the Association award during the School Administrator's of Iowa Representative Council Meeting. This award is not given annually -- the winner must be nominated by a member of the Representative Council and then be approved by the other Council members and the SAI staff. According to SAI, "This honor is bestowed on individuals who have given of themselves in special, unselfish ways to enhance education excellence in Iowa."

Doug Stillwell, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, published a paper in the Deming Institute Blog, entitled “Avoid Doing the Wrong Things ‘Righter’…But, “By What Method?”

School of Education's Director of Student Teaching, Michelle Krogulski and Garret Hall, Chemistry Teacher at South East Polk High School, published an article regarding the benefits and strategies of mentoring a preservice teacher in The Source:

Drake professors, Drs. Maryann Huey, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Jerrid Kruse, Associate Professor of Education, Adina Kilpatrick, Associate Professor of Physics, and Matt Zwier Associate Professor of Chemistry, received a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program. The grant includes $1.2 million over five years to provide significant scholarships for students with STEM undergraduate degrees who want to become secondary teachers. Targeting physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science degree holders, the project will engage Noyce scholars in unique internship experiences and investigate the development of pedagogical content knowledge as the Noyce scholars engage in the various internship experiences. The program starts in Fall, 2020.

Lindsay Woodward, Assistant Professor of Secondary Literacy, has published a book entitled Digitally Supported Disciplinary Literacy for Diverse K-5 Classrooms. Woodward, along with co-authors Jamie Colwell of Old Dominion University and Amy Hutchison of Clemson University, recognized the need for elementary students to have opportunities to engage in the specific literacies related to math, science, social studies, and English Language Arts, and the affordances of digital tools to support this type of learning.

Jennifer Chung, Adjunct Instructor of Education, Tom Buckmiller, Associate Professor in Leadership & Counseling, and Kevin Lam, Associate Professor in Teaching & Learning, published “Toward a Humanizing Framework for Student Success” in the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies. Click here for PDF article:

Bengu Tekinalp, Associate Professor of Counselor Education, Kevin Lam, Associate Professor of Urban & Diversity Education, and Shanna Fountain, co-designed a course on Cultural Awareness that won the USDLA (united States Distance Learning Association) Impact Award for 2020.  This 16-week Cultural Awareness online course has been offered since Spring 2017 to the Regional Academy for the all new recruits of the Des Moines Police Department.

Michael Couvillon, Professor of Special Education, and Jen Wells, GR, '11 (Current Drake Special Education Adjunct Instructor) were both quoted in an article in the Des Moines Register on March 2 with the headline, "Iowa Senate bill on school violence sidesteps the causes and instead would sideline kids with problems."

Sally Beisser, Levitt Distinguished Professor, was selected by the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) to serve as one of eight gifted education experts to serve on the NAGC Task Force. This Task Force is charged with establishing a prioritized list of issues, concerns, problems and opportunities involving teachers that can be addressed by NAGC and the field or gifted education in general. 

Kevin Lam.  Associate Professor of Urban & Diversity Education, served as guest editor for the journal Equity & Excellence in Education for a symposia entitled “Critical Ethnic Studies in Education:  Revisiting Colonialism, Genocide, and US Imperialism.”  It commemorates the 50th anniversary on the formation of ethnic studies in the US (Asian American Studies, Black Studies, Native American Studies, and Latinx Studies).  Lam also contributed a piece called “Asian American Youth Violence as Genocide:  A Critical Appraisal and its Pedagogical Significance.”  For more information:

Kevin Lam.  Associate Professor of Urban & Diversity Education was elected as an At-Large Member of the Executive Council for the American Educational Studies Association (AESA).  It is a 3-year term that starts in November 2019 at the annual meeting.  AESA is a society primarily comprised of college and university professors who teach and research in the field of education utilizing one or more of the liberal arts disciplines of philosophy, history, politics, sociology, anthropology, or economics as well as comparative/international and cultural studies.

Bengu Erguner-Tekinalp.  Associate Professor of Counseling Education was awarded a certificate of Adlerian Study at the NASAP business meeting on June 1, 2019. The purpose of the Certificate of Study in Adlerian Psychology is to recognize those who have demonstrated a commitment to the study of the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler.

Jerrid Kruse.  At the graduation ceremony in May, 2019, Associate Professor of Education won the university honor of the Madelyn Levitt Teacher of the Year.  

Debbie Dodge, Dean's Office staff member, received the staff award for Dedicated Service while Tonia Land, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Technology, received a faculty award for Leadership at the SOE Awards Ceremony.  

Matt Bruinikool received Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor while DeDe Small and Michael Couvillon received Tenure and Promotion to Full Professor.

Robert, Stensrud.  Professor of Counseling Education, was the keynote speaker for the Iowa Adult Education and Literacy Virtual Conference titled “Expanding Possibilities” on January 30-31, 2019. The conference highlighted innovative techniques in all areas of adult education. Specifically, it provided opportunities for educators to showcase the best practices, particularly the effects of distance education and technology.  Dr. Stensrud's presentation, which was delivered via Zoom software, focused on the significance behind establishing a growth mindset and its relationship to learning for adults facing considerable challenges in education.
Lindsay Woodward.  Assistant Professor of Literacy Education was elected Program Co-Chair of Technology as an Agent of Change in Teaching and Learning SIG (Special Interest Group) at the American Educational Research Association annual meeting in Toronto.  
Jerrid Kruse.  Associate Professor of Education, was selected as the 2019 Outstanding Science Teacher Educator of the Year by the Association of Science Teacher Education (ASTE). The award was announced at ASTE’s annual international conference held in Savannah, GA on January 3-5. The award is chosen based on six criteria: (1) Competency in Teaching, (2) Development of Science Teacher Education Programs, (3) Research Activities, (4) Development of Science Curricula, (5) Leadership in Science Teacher Education, and (6) Leadership beyond Science Education.
Laura Kieran.  Assistant Professor in the Special Education program along side Dr. Sally Haack, published PRELOAD: A Rubric to Evaluate Course Syllabi for Quality Indicators of Community Engagement and Service-Learning components. PRELOAD is one of the only comprehensive rubrics created to assess service-learning syllabi. View the rubric.  
Janelle Ausenhus.  Assistant Professor Janelle Ausenhus has been newly appointmented in the state grant-funded Applied Behavior program.  Janelle graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical School and has dual degrees from Drake in Sociology and Psychology.  In addition, she did internship work at Blank Children’s Hospital.  
Cristine Wildermuth.  The article "Condoning Free Loafers: What Do Role, Care, and Justice Have to Do with it?" was published in the Journal of Academic Ethics. Associate Professor and Director of the Leadership Development program (MSLD), Cris Wildermuth reported, "I’m particularly proud of this article because I’m the second author – the first author was an MSLD student, now alumna, Kaela Phillips.  This project was Kaela's capstone research. Kaela and I worked for about a year after she finished her capstone project to actually get it ready, do the inevitable required revisions, etc." Follow this link to view the article.  
Kevin Lam, Associate Professor of Urban and Diversity Education, was invited to serve as an expert witness in immigration court for the state of California on a deportation case involving incarcerated Southeast Asian youth.  This work is done on behalf of Asian Americans Advancing Justice—Asian Law Caucus.  Founded in 1972, it is the nation’s first legal and civil rights organization serving low-income Asian Pacific American communities—in the areas of immigration and immigrant rights, housing, school advocacy, hate violence, and criminal justice reform.
Bengu Ergruner-Tekinalp, Associate Professor, was invited to serve on the Department of Education Social-Emotional Learning Advisory Team.  She was invited to serve on the Advisory Team in order to address the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in Iowa's schools as a component of the School Climate Transformation Grant.  
Matthew Hayden, Associate Professor, published a peer-reviewed article entitled Cosmopolitan Education in Agonistic Morality: Epistemological Restraint, Discourse Ethics, and Agonistic Pluralism.
Catherine Gillespie, Associate Dean, wrote an online piece for The Conversation entitled Eating Disorders are Hard to Overcome but Ditching Diets is Crucial that has been read 22,250 times as of June 8.

Matthew Hayden was granted Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor.  Kevin Lam was granted Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor and Wade Leuwerke was granted Promotion to Full Professor.  

Catherine Gillespie, Associate Dean, just published a book entitled Putting Together the Puzzle Pieces of Full Eating Disorder Recovery. It's available on Amazon in paper and kindle version. The book integrates the results of two research studies that Dr. Gillespie conducted, along with her own personal experience and many, many references to others' research. The readable academic book is a rarity but this one manages to hit the mark.

Laura Kieran, assistant professor of special education, and Sally Haack, associate professor of pharmacy practice, have been accepted for publication. Their manuscript, “PRELOAD: A Rubric to Evaluate Course Syllabi for Quality Indicators of Community Engagement and Service-Learning Components,” will be published in the Journal of Community Engagement & Higher Education. In addition, their article has been accepted for presentation at the International Association for Research on Service-Learning & Community Engagement (IARSLCE) this summer.

In press in March, 2018, Sally Beisser, professor of education, and Chuck Sengstock, Director of Continuing Education, published "Investigating Online Instructor’s Experiences with Constructivist Pedagogy in a Private University. Handbook of Research on Virtual Training and Mentoring of Online Instructors."

Bengu Erguner-Tekinalp, associate professor of counselor education, is the co-editor of a new spring, 2018 issue of the Journal of Individual Psychology, along with colleagues Susan Gardner Belangee and Leigh Johnson-Migalski.  The special Issue is entitled "Diversity and Social Justice: Applying Theory and Adapting Practices" and available on Project MUSE:  

Associate Professors Tom Buckmiller and Randy Peters published an article entitled Getting a Fair Shot in AASA School Administrator.  The article looked at findings from a study of university officials' views on the use of standards-based grading in admissions decisions. 

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