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International Teaching Minor

Teacher Education students interested in student teaching abroad would be interested in this minor.  

Program Overview

The International Teaching Minor is for teacher education students who have an interest in student teaching abroad. This minor is rooted in the core courses of the teacher education program leading to teaching licensure.  Students pursuing this minor develop special skills by combining international experiences, global perspectives, and the navigation of difference to complete unique form of teacher preparation. 

Do you think you might want to teach internationally after you graduate? If so, why not prepare by giving yourself some real experience teaching abroad? Completing the last half of your student teaching semester in another country will provide a unique and broader perspective of teaching, learning, and schooling. Your teaching skills will be refined in a way that would make you a valuable asset in any teaching environment, domestic or abroad.

Are you looking to expand your international experiences? If you are interested in an additional international experience or have not been able to go abroad as part of your educational experience, you have the opportunity to spend half of your final semester abroad while student teaching. This minor provides recognition of the challenges undertaken when student teaching in another country or culture. You will end your time at Drake with an enriched skill development that will provide you with a substantive advantage as you enter the workforce.  


The International Education minor is 18 credit hours.  


Choose 3 courses from the list below for a total of 9 credits.

EDUC 103Foundations of Education
(40 hour practicum)
3 credits
EDUC 108Student Development and
Learning Theory
3 credits
EDUC 109Educational Technology 3 credits
EDUC 111Educational Planning and
3 credits
EDUC 164Perspectives on Race, 
Ethnicity, and Gender
3 credits
SPED 120Introduction to Special
3 credits
TESL 104Strategies for Teaching
English Language Learners
3 credits

 Additional Requirements

EDUC xxxSpecial Methods Course
(based on endorsements)
3 credits
EDUC 199/299International Education3 credits

International Travel Seminar 

3 credits
SPEC 127

Student Teaching Abroad

0 credits


Matthew Hayden, PhD
Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning
1-800-44-DRAKE, x3040

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