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Appendix J: Smoking on Campus

Under the Iowa Smokefree Air Act, smoking is prohibited on all campus grounds, including inside vehicles parked on campus, and inside University vehicles. The law prohibits Drake from designating a particular area—indoor or outdoor—a smoking area.

All faculty, staff, students, and visitors are expected to comply with the smoking policy. Any person who smokes on Drake University's campus is subject to a civil penalty of $50 per violation.

Smoking by a student on Drake's campus constitutes non-academic misconduct punishable by the procedures and sanctions set forth in section III of the Code of Conduct. Smoking in residence halls is subject to the procedures and sanctions set forth in the Residence Hall Code of Conduct.

Drake too is subject to civil penalties if it allows smoking on its campus. Therefore, if anyone refuses to stop smoking or leave the campus when asked to do so by a University official, the Des Moines Police Department may be called.

For those who do leave campus to smoke, it is important to be respectful of residents and businesses in the Drake neighborhood. Smokers should be aware that disposing of cigarette butts or other waste on city streets or sidewalks constitutes littering in violation of the Des Moines Municipal Code.

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