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Appendix M: Bias-Motivated Incidents

The statement on Bias-Motivated Incidents and Drake University's response to such incidents is intended to reflect an abiding concern for the well-being of faculty, students, staff, and guests of the University community in which we work, learn, and live. The statement seeks to create an environment that recognizes, values, and respects a variety of differences among people; to encourage appreciation and tolerance for such differences; and to discourage those who would act out violently against people or otherwise show disrespect, harass, or discriminate because of those differences.

A person commits a Bias-Motivated Incident if that person commits a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, against an individual or group of individuals because of the individual's or group of individuals' actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, age, gender, or gender identity. These categories of differences have been drawn from local, state, and federal laws and regulations because they share a history of systematic, often government-sanctioned, prejudice and discrimination.

Those found guilty, pursuant to the Code of Student Conduct, of committing a Bias-Motivated Incident will be disciplined up to and including expulsion. In addition, if the circumstances warrant, the Dean of Students or University President may recommend the filing of a criminal complaint.

Revised July 1, 2006

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